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Dear friends, I’m Salim Uddin Chowdhury, from 2010 I am related with online world. As a matter of fact, internet and online is well known to me since my education life. But nothing was as fast as modern technology. However, I don’t know how much my site is helpful to you though I tried my best to design the website. Just for considering yourself a little helps. In my site you will find details about antivirus and download links, computer software, and hardware tips with download, updates of modern technology, various software of my mother language, mobile software, mobile antivirus software and last but not the least tips and information about the most practiced Search Engine Optimization. In the end, all my effort would become successful when you’ll find something helpful in my site. One more request, after visiting every post please make some comments whether good or bad it would be. I would like to listen to all of your suggestions, advice’s and requests. Thank you.

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