Analyze and protect your cellphone from viruses

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly demanding and complex. You are no longer inferior to PDAs in functionality. Malware for smartphones is evolving and will likely be a growing threat as smartphones gain popularity. There are currently around 40 viruses, worms and Trojans have on smartphones in many European countries and the U.S. have been demonstrated.

In June 2004, Kaspersky Lab was the first antivirus vendor to detect and remove malware on Symbian and Windows CE mobile platforms. Today the company remains at the forefront of protecting mobile users from malicious code. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile uses fewer system resources compared to other solutions on the market. This results in faster processing of commands and allows users to install more applications.

Other features include:

Facilities to support the memory card
Displays information about databases (date, size and number of entries)
Detailed logs (error codes, infected file paths, update types, etc)
An intermediate layer monitor mode (incoming messages only)
Choice of the screen, the icon in the upper system applications
“Virus detected” sound added
Progress bar shows scanning progress

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