Antivirus Scanner Offline [Windows Defender]

Everyone needs an update in real-time anti-malware application that runs on your system at all times. These programs are not guaranteed to never be infected by an application of makeup (eg viruses, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, etc.), but provides better protection will not have this software running at all.

When the computer starts to behave strangely, you might want a second opinion to see if your system is infected. Therefore, there are online virus scanner on your system can be operated from malicious software.

There are several vendors that this type of software, but one of the latest Microsoft to offer and the name Windows Defender link. Here is an excerpt from the page: “Sometimes it’s potentially unwanted software and malware such as rootkits, trying to install on your PC, this can happen when you connect to the Internet or some software from a CD, DVD or other means once it is .. on your PC, this software can be executed directly or can be carried out at unexpected moments. line in Windows Defender can help you make the difficult and potentially dangerous malicious programs, the definitions that seek to eliminate hazards identified. definitions are files that an encyclopedia of potential software threats to protect. Because new threats appear every day, it is important to always have the latest definitions for Windows Defender installed so far unavailable. Armed with the definition of the line files Windows Defender detects the malicious and unwanted software, and then inform you of the risks. “

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