Avast Mobile Security Free download for Android

Avast software has an Android-free product, the anti-virus, anti-theft and firewall components are combined and provides special functions for embedded devices released.

Free Avast Mobile Security is compatible with a number of features that are otherwise only available on pay-for security software, Android. These include reports of privacy, call and SMS filtering, notifications of change of SIM card, server management and security applications.

The antivirus component supports real-time protection and automatic updates. Updates can be configured to be downloaded only to certain types of connections and the interface can be password protected.

Free Avast Mobile Security protects against Web-based threats by integrating a component that is missing with the standard Android browser, a feature in some other free security products for Android.

The product can be explored by the installed applications to potential privacy issues by analyzing their permissions. This information is linked to users in the form of a report of privacy, the risks associated with certain levels of access explains presented.

Call and SMS filtering, block-device owners advertise harassing calls or text messages to help against spam. Users can create groups of telephone numbers and block set intervals for them.

The firewall component is only available for embedded devices, since it requires to implement specific system-level access to its rules. The owners of the devices can be used to block individual applications to be accessed on the internet on certain types of connections.

For example, if a user likes a particular game, but not happy with the fact that Internet access is required, it can be installed and then block access by the firewall.

The anti-theft features Avast Free Mobile Security are comparable to those offered in commercial products. Include tracking device remotely lock and wipe. Users can have two phone numbers that are to receive notifications when the device is lost or stolen and can be controlled via SMS commands.

Avast developers have done their best to make the anti-theft component very difficult to detect, disable or uninstall by unauthorized users, especially in embedded devices.

The component can run on the so-called stealth mode, allowing users to change their names and makes known a common symbol for this. When stealth mode is activated, the anti-theft interface initiated only by a phone call to a user-defined password to access.

In the following telephones, the component may protect against hard resets, a special action that the phone is set to the factory settings, you can deny access to phone settings, and program director, can prevent activation can force the cleaning USB that the data connection can always be on and the GPS module to be activated.

A device is automatically locked when the SIM card is changed or can be locked via a SMS command. The command set support, except for phone lock is extensive and includes mail forwarding to start phone calls from a siren, get information about the site, deleting data contact discharge, reset the phone and many others.

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