AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2016

The bottom line: AVG antivirus free edition 2016 renewed focus on exploration remains zippy performance, but is struggling with slow boot time and too many false alarms.
The never-ending mantra of the providers of security features chanting is a lot like “faster scans, easier to use, better performance,” and AVG has a new version, which he says takes all three released. Certainly, the scans are faster, which is installed more quickly, and some tweaks to the UI have to see it easier. Two new essential safety modifications, it is safer.

Editor’s note: Some parts of this review are free at CNET’s review of AVG Anti-Virus 2016.
We found that the program can be fully discharged from the ready in about 5 minutes application.
In recent years AVG reduce the number of setup screens 13 to 5 This year the process is short, but experienced users who want to be careful with some things.First, if you have a browser open during the installation, AVG will not warned of the closure forces. Second, it was decided to change the AVG Toolbar security and insurance, the default search engine. Users who decide to install the Toolbar, but I want that later you start the installation program to get it.
On the bright side, AVG is not an automatic safety trial version of AVG internet opt.Starting from a zero position, you must actively decide to install AVG Free or 30-day trial version of AVG Internet Security. So this year, the process is a kind of crapshoot, install better in some ways than last year, but no change in others.
The changes in the user interface of AVG to version 2013 were smaller, but in fact greatly improved usability. This year the adjustments are much less pronounced. Not much different, except again the icons on the main interface, so that they are easier on the eyes.

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