Avira Antivirus Free Edition 2016

The result: A new aggressive design aims to do his best known set of easily accessible than ever before, the combination of Avira Free Antivirus 12 scans quickly than the average for the protection of a combo foolproof security.

Avira anti-virus vendors will start a long list of changes in its last major update, basically repositioning the suite in order to remain competitive against strong competition from other free security suites and pay a re-emphasis of the performance of competitors. Since installing the new air interface security and modernization of the good reputation of the suite has a lot to offer.

But all that some features that are missing a lot of people as a fundamental, even for free, so this version can be completed only appeal to current users of Avira and fans.

Long Avira fans note that the suites have a bit of a change of name. The title of the product “AntiVir” is allowed to fall, such as Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus is Avira, Avira AntiVir Premium is Avira Antivirus Premium Avira Premium Security Suite Avira Internet Security. While the names of certain products work for some companies because of its traditional associations, such as Symantec Norton product may have confused the user probably has forced manufacturers new security suite to streamline their processes.

The suites also have version 11 skippped, perhaps driven by a Spinal Tap-esque amplifiers fear of explosion, and just gone to version 12. It is also possible that the company plans to align the version with the year of publication, as most security suites in the fall version published figures, which reflect in the coming year.

Enter Avira has never been easier, because the version 12 opens a two-click Install. The company says it has developed two clicks installation as part of its “less is more” strategy, which is the same level of protection than before, offers, without the expense. Of course, this is a tacit recognition of the problems mentioned above.

In any case, the new installation is the easiest free security suites is more important. The process of two competing clicks automatically detect security components and remove them, so be careful if you think it will be safer by implementing the superposition of two AVS. Avira will not let you.

Another click takes you to the Ask.com toolbar and redirect search engine, but at least it’s polite Avira: an opt-in to experience not exclusion. The display of the toolbar itself is a little confusing: it is actually Avira WebGuard feature, powered by a search engine Ask.com is part of the toolbar. There is also an option for the engine Ask.com your default browser, but that is not enabled by default.

At the end of the installation process starts a quick scan of Avira. In our test unit, it took about 1 minute, 25 seconds, a very reasonable expect, before the package is ready to go.

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