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Avro keyboard was born in the March 26, 2003 (the Independence Day of Bangladesh), bringing a new era in Bangla computing means bangla writing in facebook, bangla SMS in mobile or android etc. It is flexible, feature-rich magnificent, fully customizable and easy to use and has a lot of writing automation tools that you never imagined! Avro Keyboard Bangla Typing Software Simply the best of bangla writing software in facebook, beats all the old records, clear the obstacles, writes the story and create new traditions!

Avro Bangla Software

The objective of this project is to add all common methods of writing Bangla Bangladesh and India in a single interface. The current version supports English phonetic input Bangla support home offices, mouse based Bangla typing software support for beginners and professionals to the traditional keyboard layout based Bangla typing support. Keyboard layouts with the current version is added, – Probhat, Munir Optima, Avro easy (a simple to learn keyboard layout OmicronLab) Bornona (the easiest Bangla keyboard layout that have not yet found in “The Works security! “) and National (Jatiya) – Standard Keyboard layout of Bangladesh Bangla Bangladesh computer Council (BCC) of the team. Please read below.

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