Baisakhi Bangla Software for Windows

The original owner of the Content I was thinking about the benefits of the software including Content Falgun and Baisakhi Bangla Software for Windows xp/7/8. Download Links those mentioned. I hope it will be useful. So in detail the software to easily download and enjoy.

Keyboard layout, named “Webel” has been designed. This retains the existing “Webel” layout as used by the employees with the minor modifications as required for making it Unicode compliant. Baishakhi keyboard has been successfully used in preparing the following online literary resources: Rabindra Rachanabali, Sarat Rachanasamagra, Bankim Rachanabali, Cinema-script of Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, Vivekananda Rachanabali.

Baishakhi Bangla Keyboard Software for Windows

In order to facilitate data and document entry in Bangla, a number of keyboard layouts have been designed and implemented to suit the needs of different people habituated with different typing practices. The suite of such keyboards is being increasingly upgraded. The salient feature of all these keyboards is that they are all Unicode 6.3 compatible and hence any document entered through them is acceptable across any standard platform and can be visualized through any Unicode compliant font.

This program is recommended for Bengali Spoken users who want to write bengali in emails, facebook, blogs & any unicode compatible editor.

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