Best Adventure Games for PC

You must be looking for some best adventure games for PC that you just will enjoy on your computer. There are many adventure games accessible for PS3 and Xbox however not all of them accessible for the computer.

By playing these games you’ll find out most of fun as you’ll be doing a lot of adventuresome things. Each one people dream of doing a lot of adventures however not all people are ready to create our dreams come back true.

Best adventure Games for PC

But for all people, there are a lot of games accessible over the net under the adventure niche or category.

I’ve done a search over high and came a listing of top 11 best adventure games for computer in 2013. You’ll download this game and enjoy playing them on your computer.

1. The Longest Journey

This is an adult game and it’ll increase the chance of you enjoying it. The graphics and story plot each are very good and therefore the game tells you story about the character yet.

You need to resolve a lot of puzzles and move to a lot of locations within the game. This is often an interesting game that you just can enjoy for hours.

2. Gemini Rue

The sci-fi games are always adventures and this can be another such game with excellent graphics and game play. the game can grab our emotional attention quite simply and really shortly you’ll be dependent on it.

When I started with the game and went within deep of graphics then I understand that the graphics are handmade however still appearance therefore excellent. The story telling is nice and it helped me to maneuver onto next levels.

3. The Walking Dead

The TV serial didn’t got standard however the game remains the favored since last year. Characters within the game look nearly real and you would like to survive from them.

If you think that nobody will scare you then you need to try this game fully audio volume and in a very dark room.

4. King’s Quest VI

If you actually need to play an improbably developed game then must try it out. Graphics, video, audio and everything within the game is just excellent.

The game play is easy however not boring and it’ll attract you simply. I have to tell you that it’s a masterpiece game of all the time and it’ll still stay standard in 2013.

5. Still Life

If you wish resolution murder mysterious with a lot of tweaks then you need to try this game. I watched a video of the game and likeable it lots. you would like to research a murder case within the game.

6. Syberia

The game play is predicated on the Syberia stories and videos graphics and audio adjust are excellent. It’s a masterpiece game having 3D characters.

7. Gray matter

You need to resolve a lot of puzzles within the game and there are a lot of magic tricks yet. Graphics are beautiful and everything is there therefore absolutely placed.

8. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

The game play involves investigation of a unknown at some dinner party and you would like to assist out the detectives within the investigation. the game doesn’t look very adventure however still it fits this genre because of story plot and excellent graphics.

9. The Monkey Island Series

An adventure game with a pleasant story is all this game is regarding. There are regarding 3 games during this series and every one of them are smart, therefore you want to try them out.

10. Beyond: Two souls

This game goes to set a brand new high in adventure play. you would like to play role of a young lady however the game remains not available. I’m sure that when the game is out then it’ll be the most effective one in 2013.

11. Hitchcock: the final Cut

The game play is actually spectacular and graphics are smart however the game still have a lot of bugs with a number of the options.

This game has first love, hate and so a murder. Currently you’re thinking right as you would like to resolve the mystery however there’s an additional person for facilitate, Joseph Shamley in all probability a detective.

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