Best Zombie Games for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

With speedy in progress increment in smart phone users, there’s an increment occurring within the developers count also. This can be directly leading to the introduction of recent apps in app store of any specific OS. Talking about the android and iDevices- iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch- the client base is increasing sort of a fireplace, so the developer base, and ultimately the apps count in iTunes & Google Play. Installing apps and games on any smart phone is that the best thanks to enhance it is capability  to bring life in it. But, whatapps and games to install is that the question asked by each second smart phone user. Count of such users is additional just in case of android and iOS, as there are many apps and games offered in Google Play and also the iTunes App Store.

Are you also one out of these android and iOS users who have an interest in downloading some games on their device, however don’t seem to be certain about that games to download? The sole resolution for you is ‘research’, but I know, most of you’d not couple, as it’s damn time intense. Thus lemme tell you alternate. The alternate is to browse out this whole article ahead, as i’m listing the 25+ best Zombie games for android and iOS  iPad and iPhone.

Best Zombie Games for android and iOS

Download : Zombie Dash

The first during this list of best Zombie Games for android, is Zombie Dash. This is often exciting running and shooting game. Your town is encircled by hungry zombies. So as to save lots of yourself, you have got to run, run and run. Whereas running, you have got to kill the zombies also. You’ll be able to kill the zombies by using the gun or may also jump on their head to create them history. Whereas running, several coins and powers-ups are available the thanks to keep the sport interesting.


Zombies are coming back near town. The people are in huge worry, however due to Emperor who sacrificed her life to create protecting barrier on the sacred gate. Protection of the sacred gate is currently your duty. There are thousands of zombies, however you’re alone. The one facet is heavier than the other. Build your facet equally significant by calling farmers/warriors or archers.

Download Plants VS Zombies

This is one among the most known zombies game offered for android. Make a choice from forty nine zombie-zapping plants, and defend against twenty six zombies who wish to break down your door. You wish to be good in thinking, quick in work, thus on do the task that you just are speculated to do.

Download Zombie Run

Just imagine you’re during a town filled with zombies! Expertise this feel by playing this game on your android . One quite interesting about the games is that it uses your device’s GPS to trace your location, so offer you a map, that’s actual map of town you’re set at. This beautiful interesting issue makes the sport additional realistic. The red and green virtual zombies are shown on the map. Your task is to remain safe from them, and build them history by playing the sport well.

Download Stupid Zombies

Zombies wish to rule the mankind. For this, they’re killing humans and are feeding their brains. Stupid Zombies, indeed, before their stupidity cross all limits and shot them dead. Of course, they’re not as simple to create dead, because it sounds. Therefore, you wish to play well.

Download Dead on Arrival

There is dead scene in town. Bomb blasted here 2 days past. You’re in hospital, but sadly, a locked hospital. the only thanks to unlock rooms is by killing zombies for money. Use the weapons with you to kill zombies.

Download Contract Killer:Zombies – NR

This first-person shooting game for android is damn addictive. Your task is to detect the zombies almost you, aim them, so shot them dead right away! For this, you’re endued with a deadly gun, that if pointed at the correct target, will kill any creature in no time.

Download Kill Zombies Now Zombie games

Yet anther zombie game that you’re needed to try and do each the defense, and fight. You’ve got got deadly weapons with you. Right use of weapons will assist you creating the zombies history.

Download Zombie – Frontier

T viruses have unfold everywhere the world. People have gotten affected from it, and turning into zombies. Become the survivor and fight against the zombies. Kill them or they’ll kill you. Just one party will survive.

Download Zombie – Smasher

Yet another addictive Zombie game offered for android devices. The zombies are ready to hide your city, however you must kill them before they are doing therefore. Simply faucet on the screen of your android device to smash the zombies. Smash all before they break down your door.

Download Zombie – Evil

This is one among the best zombies shooting game offered for android. The game can take you to 2013 B.C, wherever a foolish doctor, Dr Evil, has marked the zombies as ideal species . He has created a giant army of zombies and is against the humans. It is time for you to become survivor, to kill the zombies, and to bring an finish to ego of foolish doctor.

Download Zombie – Farm

Become a zombie farmer by enjoying this game. Your work is simply sort of a traditional farmer. Yeah, plow the soil and plant seeds. Aside from zombies, you’ll be able to plant onions, corn and alternative crops also. Since the zombies can take time to grow, thus you ought to wait and see enough to own fun during this game. Once the zombies are fully grown, use them for invasion within the town.

Download Zombie – Road Trip

Either escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten- there’s no alternative rule there during this game. Use spectacular arsenal of weapons and shot the zombies dead. Keep enjoying the sport to earn points. After you have enough points, use them to shop for additional spectacular weapons. The sport is additional fun after you obtain the things using your hard-earned points.

Download Zombies – Live

This text-based huge multilayer on-line role playing game is one among the most effective zombies game offered in Google Play. During this game, you’ll be able to play role of zombie, one thing that you just may need unreal of. You begin game as low-level zombie. Devour the human flesh to require your power up. The tiny missions assigned to you during this game, keep the fun level up.

Download SAS: Zombie – Assault three

This is Co-op multilayer Zombie shooting game, that has been downloaded and loved by several android users thus far. The game is pretty spectacular, not only in terms of its story, however additionally in terms of graphics. You’ll be able to have a good fun whereas playing this game on your android device.

Download Zombie – Diary  Survival

This game takes you back to 2013 B.C. Zombies rule the globe. World is nothing but a hell, and isn’t smart for humans. You’re only survivor in this game, and being thus, it’s your task to kill all the zombies. If you don’t do thus, they’ll kill you. Thus you’re in do or die situation. Play the sport well, build excellent use of weapons in order that all zombies may be killed, and thus world may be saved.

Best Zombie Games for android and iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

Most of the Zombie games listed on top of, are offered for iOS devices also. Most of developers build there apps/games offered for each of those major mobile OS. Aside from the on top of ones, there are some a lot of interesting zombie games offered for iOS. Do look at the below list.


The best factor about this game is its graphics, that are simply unbelievable. During this game, you’re assigned  several missions that you want to complete in any method. The missions vary from stopping zombies to killing them. You’re rewarded some money on finishing a mission.You can use this virtual cash to buy deadly weapons, and to bring a lot of fun within the game.

Download Call of Duty – Zombies

Enter into the virtual world of fun by enjoying this game on your iOS device. The zombies during this game are deadly, so you’re. You have got got spectacular weapons, that once used, create a deadly scene with awe-inspiring sound effects. I bet that you just can get enthusiastic about this game from the primary play itself. Sadly, this game may be a paid one. However believe me, it’s price of its value.

Download Call of Mini- Sniper

Use rockets, guns and different deadly weapons in order that the zombies may be created dead. Don’t assume it i any simple issue to try and do. The zombies are stubborn and powerful. They’re even a lot of powerful than you. Obtain hey ! come back on, it’s not the ability that matters, however the method you utilize it. Show the zombies that you just will utilize the ability a lot of effectively than them. Zombies boast about their power lots. Bring an finish to their ego. Can you?

Download Zombie – Infection

The next one during this list of best zombie games for iOS, is that the Zombie-Infection. The foremost admirable elements of this game are its graphics and idea. This is often one among the most attention-grabbing third-person zombie shooter games offered for iOS. You’re on your thanks to complete a mission assigned to you, however it looks because the zombies have some problem in it. They work as obstacles in your method. Kill them, blow them! Keep your method clean!

Download Running – Dead

This game comes with two environments, 8 weapons, five characters, land mines and also the fabulous Savior Shot. Several zombies are there to disturb you on your method, and lots of are there that keep chasing you. Kill those that are available your method, and run quick to be safe from those that are chasing you.

Download Zombie- Highway

In this game, you’re a rider who is heavily armed. Against you, there’s super-strong team of zombies who don’t have any work to try and do, however only to chase you, to disturb you in your method. The zombies wish to crash your trip, however on the contrary, you ought to try and shake them. To send-off, you’re armed with spectacular weapons, however the a lot of unbelievable weapons are secured. They will be unlocked by using points, that you’ll be able to earn together with your smart gameplay.

Download Zombies -The Last Stand (Lite)

This game comes with twenty five more and more tough missions and three maps. Anytime you kill any zombie, you’re rewarded some crash prize. Keep killing them and earning money. After you get smart benefit your hand, pay it to shop for secured weapons. The secured ones area unit much better than those you get at the beginning of game. You’re free to move anyplace within the 3D environment. The 3D sound effects build this game attention-grabbing.

Download Free 2 Die

This game comes from the house of Everplay Interactive, and is definitely one in every of the most effective zombie games offered for iOS devices. It runs from isometric high down perspective. Your work here is to either kill the zombies (or) get killed by them. Of course, if you don’t do the previous, then you’re doing the latter job unwittingly.

Download Into the Dead

Into the Dead has been the favourite zombie game of the many iOS users ever since its launch. The game comes with several secured stuff, that you just will unlock together with your awesome gameplay.

Download Dead On Sight

This game has been free recently. The first reviews of this game coming back from its users, offer the feeling that it might become the simplest zombie game for iOS. You begin off within the city of Resurrection, wherever quite astonishingly, the dead have up from their graves. They’re currently making issues for humans. You’re needed to play the role of survivor & to fight against the undead people. Your task is to assist people get away the city. Are you able to do it?

That’s it, we have a tendency to are finished our list of the most effective Zombie games offered for android and iPhone, iPad & iPod bit running on iOS OS. If I’ve lost any ‘must-not-miss’ Zombie game during this list, then share it with our readers within the comments, we’d prefer to provides it a try. Thanks for reading.

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