Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

BitDefender Free Edition uses the same scanning engines from BitDefender ICSA Labs in the other products found certified, allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection for free.

This free antivirus software download is a virus scanner on demand, which is the most widely used system recovery or forensics function. If you are in an “always on” Internet connection, we advise you consider a more complex antivirus solution.

Features and Benefits
Virus scanning and removal

On-demand scanning – a powerful scanning engine to detect and remove all viruses in the wild every time you need to ensure.
scheduled Scanning

The scheduler allows you to plan ahead, and the timing of the whole system / drive scans in the free hours, if not to use the computer.
to scan immediately,

With a simple right mouse button you can access your files and folders.


By isolating the infected files in quarantine to reduce the risk of infection. They have also send the possibility of these files for further analysis to BitDefender Labs.


When starting an analysis, decide to issue a report file where you can view information about the scanning process can be created.

Download from Here

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