Canon Print Head Cleaning Instructions – A Image Tutorial

Canon printers are very useful for any brand in Bangladesh. Because the operation is very affordable, very good quality and cheap price. A Brand of Canon Pixma iP1000 printer, though very old, but there is still plenty to Bangladesh’s use. So, today I will talk about Canon Pixma iP1000 print head cleaning instructions, repairs or maintenance.

If blurring occurs or if a specific color does not print. Perform print head cleaning to improve the print quality. Ensure that the canon Pixma iP1000 printer head cleaning or repairs/maintenance is turned on and follow the instructions below:


Open the printer driver settings screen and Click the Maintenance tab. Click Cleaning.

1.   Click Start and select Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware and Printers and Faxes (For non-Windows XP Users, Click Start, and then select Settings and Printers).

2.   Click the icon for your printer.

3.   Open the File menu and select:

      In Windows XP or Windows 7/Vista – Printing Preferences

      In other version – Properties

      to open the setting screen.


Open the BJ Printer Utillity, and select Cleaning from the pop-up menu. Click Cleaning.

1.   Double-click the hard disk icon where the printer driver was installed, the Applications folder, and the Utilities folder.

2.   Double-click the Printer Setup Utility icon.

      If you are using the OS other than Mac OS X v. 10.3, double-click the Print Center icon.

3.   Select iP1000 from the Name list and click Utility or Configure.

4.   Select iP1000 from the Product list and click Maintenance.

To open the BJ Printer Utility dialog box.

When the Printer Runs out of Ink.

Replace the empty ink tank with a new one.

Specify the following ink tanks when purchasing.

      Ink Tank BCI-24 Color

      Ink Tank BCI-25 Black

1.   Open the Front Cover and remove the empty ink tank (Do not touch the Lock Lever). See bellow image.

Canon Pixma iP1000 printer head cleaning

2.   Install the new ink tank.

Close the Front Cover when finished. See bellow image.

Canon Pixma iP1000 printer head cleaning

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Note: When you enable the low ink warning, reset the ink counter of the ink tank installed.

Source : Canon Pixma iP1000 Quick Start Guide.

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