bangla font for mobile

Download Bangla Font for Mobile and that’s Installation Method

57 years already passed when the Movement initiated for making Bangla/Bengali as the state language. It is fairly usual, that the national mourning day will be celebrated in remembrance of those martyrs who sacrificed their young blood for the sake mother tongue. The Language Movement of 1952 was not restricted only into the language issue. Somewhat it heading for the

Baishakhi Bangla Keyboard Software for Windows

Baisakhi Bangla Software for Windows

The original owner of the Content I was thinking about the benefits of the software including Content Falgun and Baisakhi Bangla Software for Windows xp/7/8. Download Links those mentioned. I hope it will be useful. So in detail the software to easily download and enjoy. Keyboard layout, named “Webel” has been designed. This retains the existing “Webel” layout as

English to Bangla Dictionary for Android

Download English to Bangla Dictionary for Android Mobile, PC and Other OS

Its presence an extended time since we intended to increase a Bangla language related application for Android. After an extended conversation we decided to make a Bangla Dictionary based on Google Dictionary. The major pain was the font; Android is not so far matured enough to handling Unicode. After a few challenge we successfully included worldwide Bangla font with our

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