Configure Multiple Monitor Display in Windows XP

Windows XP Professional supports using multiple displays simultaneously, which means that you can attach more than one monitor to your computer and have your desktop spread across all attached monitors, as shown in below picture. Windows XP Professional supports the extension of your display across a maximum of 10 monitors. Note : You must use Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) or

Available Windows XP Editions

There are a number of different editions of Windows XP, each of which is designed for different users and computing devices. The following editions are part of the Windows family: ■ Windows XP Professional Edition ■ Windows XP Home Edition ■ Windows XP Media Center Edition ■ Windows XP Tablet PC Edition ■ Windows XP 64-Bit Edition Windows XP Professional

Network Infrastructure

In most cases, the elements of a network infrastructure developed and inherited. If you have a network that are connected to the Internet, for example, certain aspects of the network, such as over the use of TCP / IP over the Internet. Other network elements such as the physical layout of the basic components of the network for the design

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