Create Bootable Windows 8 Flash Drive

Microsoft discharged their Windows 8 consumer Preview in ISO format in order that user will simply download the ISO file and burn it in DVD or create bootable windows 8 USB drive. Several people skills to burn ISO in DVD with Nero. Thus during this tutorial I’m getting to show you, a way to create bootable windows 8 flash drive?

Before you begin to make bootable windows 8 flash drive, download this Windows eight consumer preview and Windows seven Bootable USB/DVD tool from below links

Free download windows seven USB/DVD tools

Note – you furthermore might want a minimum of four GB Pen Drive to create bootable windows eight flash drive.

How to create bootable windows 8 flash drive ?

Follow this below steps to try and do this:

1. 1st install the windows seven USB / DVD tools

2. Start the windows seven USB / DVD tools program when installation and find the windows eight ISO file from your PC/Laptop.

3. Then PC/Laptop can ask you to settle on media type USB Device or DVD. Click On “USB Device”.

Note – Before you begin this method of creating bootable windows eight flash drive, please plugin your USB Stick into PC/Laptop and check that to copy your necessary files from USB Drive.

4. Click on begin copy.

5. PC/Laptop can provide you with a warning message about erasing files in USB drive. Click on “Erase USB Device”.

6. Currently your PC/Laptop can begin format your flash drive so produce bootable windows eight flash drive.

Done! You’ve got with success created bootable Windows eight flash Drive .

To install windows eight OS from this flash drive, move to your destination PC/Laptop, plugin your bootable windows eight flash drive and alter the BIOS settings to boot from USB Drive .

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