How to Create Windows 8 Recovery Partition

Windows 8 Recovery Partition may be a final resolution to induce back your windows in operating systems after you get hassle in your windows 8 computers. If I’m not wrong, after we purchase new laptop computer from retail look with windows OS, essentially it comes with hidden windows recovery partition. Previous version of windows OS before windows 8, there was no choice for users to make windows recovery partition manually. However in new windows OS from Microsoft, you’ll be able to simply produce Windows 8 Recovery Partition.

And you’ll be able to use this windows 8 recovery partition for future windows 8 disaster recovery.

In this Complete Image Tutorial, I’m getting to show you, on a way to produce Windows eight Recovery partition for Disaster Recovery.

Create Windows 8 Recovery partition :

1. Login to your windows eight PC with “admin user account”

2. From desktop move your mouse cursor to top right side to induce the start menu

3. In start menu, click on “settings” and open “control panel”

4. In “control panel search bar” and type “recovery” and click on produce a Recovery Drive.

Note: In windows eight, if you’ve got already windows eight recovery partition in your pc, then you’ll be able to simply copy the recovery partition to a different removable device. Otherwise windows can offer you the choice to make windows eight recovery partition.

5. New window can open to create windows eight recovery partition. Click on “next”.

6. PC can ask you to insert a USB Flash Drive with a minimum of 256 MB. Insert your USB Drive

Important: Please take back up of your necessary file from USB Drive. Otherwise it’ll be deleted.

I am going to use eight GB Kingston Flash Drive.

7. When plugin your USB to Windows eight PC, wait number of minute to acknowledge your flash drive. Once it make, click on “next”.

8. PC can offer you a warning message. Click on “create”.

9. Now PC can start to make windows eight recovery partition. Shown in below image

10. It’ll take few minute to make this recovery partition. Once it done, you’ll get a confirmation message.

11. Done. Finally you have got with success

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