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91 PC Suite was one of the first Android PC Suites on the scene is therefore one of the most popular . The Android PC Suite is completely free and easy to Android sync content to and from your PC . The phone numbers , applications , pictures , text , and more can be synchronized and backed up on your PC for storage , so if you ever lose your phone or if the contents have to upgrade to the new phone can be quickly and easily transferred .

91 PC Suite , connect your Android phone to the PC via a USB port . Once downloaded you find intuitive design features , with options for easy access . You will also notice that the default for this software is Chinese , which can change by becoming the third option in the main drop -down menu (top left icon) in English.

Like any Android PC Suite is the main goal of the program allows users to back up and restore content quickly and easily without an Internet connection without paying for cloud storage , . In some parts of the world PC users back up slowly , complaints from the Internet . Local storage is also an additional measure to ensure the content.

91 PC Suite goes beyond the synchronization of files and provides some other useful functions , such as sending SMS messages directly from your computer . This option is very useful for office workers who already occupied with these tactics . Using the PC keyboard.

The Android PC Suite allows users to import and export contacts , calendar entries , set and edit notes , manage your multimedia files , and also helps with the installation of Google Android applications Play Store .

Moreover , 91 PC Suite includes access to PandApp utility that you can download games , videos, photos, ringtones , eBooks and themes for your Android smartphone . As already mentioned , the safety awareness , with all data that can be copied , System , allowing the backup copy of the contents for storage. Through the system , the USB port , the phone is automatically charged when connected , it is also very useful and kills two birds with one stone .

The only downside to the PC Suite is the “low – Like many free software that may take a while for updates and not all Android devices are compatible received past compatibility. .

Download Android PC Suite free – 91 PC Suite from Here

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