Download Bangla Font for Mobile and that’s Installation Method

57 years already passed when the Movement initiated for making Bangla/Bengali as the state language. It is fairly usual, that the national mourning day will be celebrated in remembrance of those martyrs who sacrificed their young blood for the sake mother tongue. The Language Movement of 1952 was not restricted only into the language issue. Somewhat it heading for the nation to unite them as one and to make a universal consciousness among the people to establish their own human rights. Following the 1947 taking apart of India, people of East Pakistan regularly tend to final resolution which led them to win the most War of Independence.

I have discussed a little about the history of Bengali language. Apply to the original task. Our objective Bangla Font for mobile and android or any other OS. Bangla Font only saw about a website. Mobile Bangla Font treasures there. The name of the site When visiting the site you will need for your mobile you can download Bangla font.

bangla font for mobile

From their site now download your favorite Bangla font for mobile and android.

Their site is written like this: All of these bangla fonts that we have here are free and propritery of the original creators. Bangla Font developpers spent countless hours and efforts on these fonts. Many volunteers also helped enrich them by working on different bangla font projects around on and off the web over the years. These fonts are made available for free to download by them but if they are useful to you, please do not forget to reach out to the original developpers and say thank you. –

How to write Bangla on your mobile/Installation method:

You can setup bijoy bangla software in your mobile or android device, but it’s writing method totally different for installation and enabling process. So here I shared this way to write Bangla on each mobile device or android for my attractive and potential visitors. Let’s checked the strategy for how to write Bangla on your device:

  • Just enable “java“ on your mobile device or android phone and you can other OS.
  • Then install “opera mini“ browser in your mobile or android.
  • Next open opera mini browser from your mobile or android and write “opera:config” in address bar and click “Go” button and to get power user settings, like given below picture.

bengali font for mobile

You will see bottom option of “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts”, it’s default setting “No”, then you enable it “Yes” at the right side options. Then press “Save” button in the bottom.

When you complete this every step, you will read Bangla/Bengali on your mobile and android or other OS and you can write easily Bangla after change “Power-user settings” if you have already installed Bangla writing software.

If you are beginners of your mobile or android or other device and you cannot write bangla, so let’s check the popular Bangla writing software for mobile under given below the list of related posts.