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Microsoft launched its new Internet Explorer provides the best web experience for Windows. These are the main reasons why you should today.

Versatile fast – with hardware-accelerated text, graphics and video to performance and speed up Web sites function as programs installed on your computer.

Streamlined and simplified design – gives you the basic controls you need, and focuses on their websites.

One-click access to your favorite sites – with noted web sites, you can open your favorite websites directly from the Windows task bar, without the browser.

A combined search and address bar – a place to either navigate to a web site or you are looking for.

Redesigned New Tab page – now you have quick access to the sites you visit regularly, and may your closed tabs or last browsing session open again, or log in InPrivate Browsing.

Integration with Windows 7 – with Snap noticed, websites, Jump Lists, and thumbnail preview controls to provide Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 the best Web experience for Windows.

On Management Improvement – Add-on Performance Advisor tells you if there is an add-on to slow down your browser and you can disable or remove, to help ensure that your browser is quickly over time.

Helps your privacy – Tracking Protection allows you to limit the browser to communicate with certain websites, so that your personal data.

Holds for Download – Download Manager keeps an updated list of the files that you download from the Internet, alerting you if you can a malicious file, and you can pause and resume downloads.

Download Internet Explorer from Here

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