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Panda Antivirus Pro is the flagship brand of computer security products: a powerful antivirus that protects your system efficiently – and quietly – so.

Unlike most anti-virus, no Panda Antivirus does not hog system resources. Also greatly improved the installation and not so long as the previous version to take. What you still need to update the virus definitions for the first time you launch it, which may take some time.

The good thing about Panda Antivirus, the program is almost ready to work right after installation. For those who want everything to be under control, there is a very detailed setup menu, conveniently organized in a tabbed interface.

Panda Antivirus has a beautiful surface, since the most recent version has been revised. With an easy style, this interface uses tabs to give you access to various program areas, such as configuration options, powerful device scans, view reports and review of quarantined items. Panda Antivirus protects your computer against viruses, but also against spyware, phishing, rootkits, hackers and identity theft.

When tested against the standard virus attacks, held Panda Antivirus infected files immediately and without major interruption of our work. We especially liked the fact that does not fill the screen, Panda Antivirus with useless warnings all the time.

Panda Antivirus is a discreet, efficient and user friendly anti-virus software that protects your system to experience without ruining your web browser and Windows.

Lightweight and discreet
Effective detection of viruses
User-friendly interface
Also protects against spyware, Trojans and other threats


Not significant

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