Free Antivirus for your iPhone and iPod Touch

With Apple’s iTunes is the only application delivery and screening center, users of iPhone and iPod touch does not work for viruses or malware attacks to worry about. Although he had become one, you can disable it remotely from a central system at the headquarters of Apple. With applications out of the picture, the only way virus writers to infect the iPhone is on the Internet – surf the Internet.

Trend Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch offers an experience wiser, more secure when surfing the Web. It is the first secure browser to protect against malicious Web sites. Attempting to access a malicious URL or wrong, Smart Surfing is designed to access the URL to block and a notification appears in your browser.


* Secure network Trend Micro Smart Protection
* Blocks access to sites with offensive content
* Protects against phishing attacks
* Provides color-coded search results to easily identify harmful Web pages
* Easy to change the level of force protection and alerts
* Supports simultaneously browsing multiple Web pages

If you use Trend Smart Surfing to browse the Internet, before the URL quickly and invisibly in the background check against our database constantly updated web retrieved reputation. If the URL is known, that a phishing site or malicious content such as spyware, malware or other potentially harmful content on the site will be blocked with a message.

If you are an Internet startup, I recommend Trend Micro to surf safer and more peaceful navigation.

Download Trend Micro Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch from Here

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