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Today I will talk about Sir Mostafa Jabbar’s Bijoy Bangla Software and it’s latest version. Typing Bengali was a trouble for me when I was a college student. In that time there was no software available for typing Bengali. Again many Bangladeshi people living around the world were facing this same problem for many days. Different types of software are developed each day by different software developing company which is absolute proof of technological growth of modern time. In that time Bangladesh was fallen behind in the area of technology, though I myself and the student of our country were dedicated and up-to-date also. In the mean time, I was a student of Sir Mostafa Jabbar’s famous Ananda Multimedia institution and with his cordial help I learned a lot about Computer and its applications.

Bijoy Bangla Software Latest Version

In my opinion, Ananda Multimedia is one of the top institutions in Bangladesh for learning computer practically. Here we were introduced to Microsoft office, Graphics design, Interior design, Exterior design and 3D animation and I was student. During my training in Microsoft office and graphics design, Bijoy Software was developed and introduced by our respected teacher Mr. Mostafa Jabbar. In that time we were not capable of typing Bengali in computer. Mr. Jabbar raised a remarkable event both in home and abroad by introducing this new software.

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In my knowledge, not every country celebrates its own mother language day. In 1952 some brave hearts fought for the existence of our own Bengali nationalism. Mostafa Jabbar Sir developed Bangla Software which helped people from around the world to know that there is a language named Bangla which has a great history behind, and nowadays people got inspired and interested to celebrate a International Mother Language Day. Bijoy Bayanno was another updated version of Bengali software which was developed by Mostafa Jabbar Sir in the memory of the language movement of 1952. This kind of software is very helpful not only for us Bengali’s but also for those who lived all around the world for typing Bangla.

With the advancement of technology, Bangladeshi bloggers share this software as a freeware over the internet for writing Bengali language efficiently. As many bloggers share the old version of this software, many users are facing some problems. There is a reason behind that problem: the old version of Bangla Software might not be installed properly in the updated operating system. To overcome this problem, I’ve shared the real and updated version of this software so you can download the free version of this software. As a general blogger I don’t want to waste anyone’s valuable time. I hope everyone will be benefited by downloading this freeware.

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Download Bijoy Bangla software for xp/7/8 from Here

Bijoy Bayanno 2014 Latest Version from Here

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