Free Download Dr.Web Antivirus for Android

MOT free Dr.Web Anti Virus for Android is complete, you can use the Dr.Web Anti-Virus Free Android Download Dr.Web anti-virus to complete on Android.  MOT Dr.Web full, complete version of the DR Web anti-virus.apk Android.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus provides you and your computer with antivirus, firewall-filtering constant, intelligent call and SMS tools to find the device in case of theft or loss.

The application does not affect the performance of your operating system, and more importantly, it reduces the life of your battery. You can use simple tools and desktop tools (widgets) to implement access.
Key features of Dr.Web anti-virus

The constant protection against viruses and remove threats. The anti-virus checks the file with the supervisor of the Spider Guard that scans in real time all files stored in the memory of the device.
– Scanners – On-demand scanning is performed by a specific component. Dr.Web anti-virus analysis allows a rapid and complete file or scan only critical files and folders.
– Quarantine. If hazards are eliminated or moved to quarantine, where detailed information about what a possible malware review.
– Protection against contamination SD card autorun files and Exploit.Cpllnk, which is a threat to Windows.
– The small size of the updates can reduce traffic and save money if you have a connection with data transfer speeds.
– Detailed statistics for the effects of the anti-virus.
– Two players to friends to select anti-virus protection (sizes 1х1 and 4х1) to perform.


(A) selection of methods of filtering calls and SMS.
(B) Make your own filter profiles.
(C) Edit Blacklist. You can add contacts, of whom want incoming calls and SMS messages to block.
(D) View blocked calls and SMS.

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