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Today, almost every hand sports a smart phone. A phone that is nothing less than a mini-computer. Do not use it for most of the right of access to social networking is good for mobile banking? Of course I would agree that this little device with all your personal data and sensitive, and therefore they must be protected will be charged. If the evil spirits can get into the computer, which makes you think that is to protect your phone? So why are not particularly anti-virus for smartphones? Because as the technology progresses, so the malware and viruses.

Follow “Prevention is better than cure” the secular, for once the phone is hacked and stolen information is gone forever. Take some preventive measures and gives the phone a dose of anti-viral immune specially designed for smartphones. Here are some of the anti-virus software, which can be downloaded to your phone today:


McAfee is another big name when it comes to anti-virus smartphone. McAfee offers two anti-malware and spam protection. The best part is that not only the smartphone immunity against various dangers, but is also the protection of any system that combines the smartphone. This complete anti-virus package protects the unit from all points of entry and provides all around protection.

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Kaspersky was apparently the first provider of antivirus software to detect and remove malware on Symbian and mobile platforms in the EC. Today, Kaspersky Mobile Security is a name for high quality anti-virus program you are considering, can be downloaded to your phone protected. It is one of the leading mobile anti-virus for almost all platforms. Kaspersky combat all forms of malware, trojans, worms, adware and pop-ups. It also offers several features and theft is a complete spam blocking. What’s more, it also uses a removable SIM card to store a backup of your data.

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Norton Smartphone Security is a major anti-virus smartphones on the market. The Boards of anti-virus malware was wrong. In addition, the spam at bay also known as the prevention and reduction of useless messages and pop-ups. Norton also offers protection against phishing in the package. On multiple platforms and offers multi-device protection.

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Avast offers a comprehensive suite of security for smartphones. The analysis is performed regularly installed on the entire contents of the phone, including applications programs. Besides the anti-virus protection. Avast also offers Call / SMS Filter, reports of privacy and an application manager. In addition, Avast Anti-theft security features in a smart, so you can remotely control your lost phone, without any indication of the thief.

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F-Secure provides security, in particular for business smartphones. The program focuses on business applications, allowing the malware to remove. In addition, F-Secure anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-theft features, the smartphone offers so immune to any virus attack. It also provides real-time protection with automatic virus definition updates through the air.

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