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With over 20 years in the business of computer security and the continued growth of G Data is one of the best antivirus software products, and it shows with their security software simple and useful. G Data AntiVirus provides a high degree of safety and easy to use.

Scope of protection:
G Data AntiVirus software is not a complete Internet security suite, but is very close to the full protection. Anti-virus and anti spyware protection combined with the full Web. The software is equipped and armed, to protect your computer from any number of threats (online or not), including phishing attacks, dialers, adware, malicious scripts, Trojans, rootkits, worms and much more.

The software also includes advanced protection against malware distributed via e-mail or IM. The software goes so far as the scanning of outgoing e-mail (messages) for viruses and other malware, so it is to pass more than one threat to your friends or colleagues.

G Protection of data is unmatched, offering a maximum permanent protection. One way to do this is with their technology DoubleScan. Through the use of two different virus scanners (do not worry, you still do not notice the slowdown), you can take everything that the others might have lost.

G Data AntiVirus continues well with third-party testers. AV Comparatives found the software is fully fit. While the software was not the fastest scan speed was 10.6MB/sec more than adequate, and G DATA has the highest detection rate in total: an almost perfect score of 99 percent. Apparently the software has received the coveted A + advanced certification.

Virus Bulletin antivirus solution also found that this is more than enough, and certifies the software with the VB 100%.

The general consensus is that while there (is small word) a bit slower, perhaps, that some, without a doubt one of the most comprehensive and effective in detecting and removing viruses and malware. And when it comes to all, it is no longer important?

Ease of Installation:
The installation took less than 10 minutes and only requires a restart. Finally, the software was downloaded and installed easily.

As you install the software and forget about it, is an additional configuration very quickly and help you to schedule scans and custom configurations.

G Data AntiVirus Scan Engine uses two, but certainly not twice as much as other security software. In fact, the program is actually quite fast and efficient use of resources. Although not the most efficient with system resources, it is certainly better than most other antivirus software (and should not cause heartburn system).

Ease of Use:
G Data Antivirus software is very easy to use. Advanced users or over-cautious way it should be no problem manually with the program and performance monitoring. More importantly, both beginners and users who just need the software, without too much intervention work no problem, let G Data in the background.

The new simplified interface uses most of the functions corresponding to the fore, easily accessible on the motherboard. The main screen shows a summary of the safety status quickly, and if there is any problem you can resolve with one click.

G Data AntiVirus is equipped with all necessary tools to keep your computer safe. And while there was some additional features, the comfort (silent-player mode, password-protected configuration, the type of laptop battery) required the software has a host of additional features.

One feature that is not high enough, the unique integration of two independent engines of exploration. Running a virus scan with both engines increases efficiency, and not much slower. And while there are many overlaps with two scan engines, is the database of virus signatures the heart of any security software (and getting two is great for the price of one).

Another impressive feature is the fingerprinting of self-learning and whitelists. Basically, the software can automatically scan the files and determine whether they represent a threat to (or in the future).

Particularly well placed for the user and password, the updates are performed automatically in the background. Both virus signature updates and real-time program is executed automatically, or you can update manually.

Regular updates will be made hourly, and are too small to affect the use of regular team. If you use data from G at work, you can easily configure the software on your proxy server to update.

Help and Support:
G Data AntiVirus has the typical program’s help files and traditional aid (range queries and how to use online support assistance). They also have a hotline for immediate help. In particular, missing from the line of support was the ability to chat online with support or a support forum.

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