Get your website indexed in GOOGLE within 48 hour

Google is one of the best search engine from last few years and also important part in SEO for webmasters. If your site is not indexed by Google search engine, Google will not show your site in Google search engine. To get indexed in Google search engine for my new site I follow this below steps and Google has indexed my website within 48 hour.

What I used to get indexed in Google Search Engine within 48 hour ?

1. Google Webmaster tool

2. Facebook and

3. Twitter

Google Webmaster tools  :  My website create in wordpress platform. After completing my website such as designing,  blog posting nearly 5-8, I submit my website in Google to get indexed in Google search engine.

Facebook : Google like mostly visited, popular website and Facebook is one of the best site to use for Search Engine Optimization. I create a Facebook page for my website name and share my link all the blog link to this page. See below picture.

Twitter : Same process I also apply for twitter account. I open a twitter account name!/viruscaptive  and tweet my all blog link in Twitter. See below picture.

Note : I complete my at 18-19 December 2011 and submit my website within this date. And 24th December, 2011 Google has indexed my web site.

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