Google+ is the Social Backbone

Google+ is the social backbone because some important information about Google Plus:

Giant Google Incorporation has launched Google+ (Google Plus) as the competitor of popular social network site Facebook. As, another social networking site- Orkut, did not get so much popularity among the users, Google has launched Google+. Now we are waiting to see how powerfully it can compete with Facebook. The main facility of Google+ is that one can use it through Gmail account and no need to log in differently. The address of Google+ is The site is much designed like Facebook. Here you can make circles, can upload photos and videos. There are Photo tab, Video tab, +1 tab, Buzz tab in the site. Those who don’t have Google+ account can browse and see other’s Google+ profiles, though Facebook doesn’t offer this opportunity.

Browser: At presently Google+ supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

Invitation to Friends in Google+: To invite your friends in Google+ you have to click ‘Invite People to Join Google+’ of ‘Send Invite’ in the right panel. Then there will appear a pop-up window where you will write the email address of the friends in the ‘+Add People to Invite’ and then click ‘Invite” button. After that an invitation of Google+ will be sent to your friends Gmail account.

Google Profile: From now on there will be no separate pages as Google Profile. Google Profile link will be used as Google+ Profile. Suppose, if you want to enter, it will be forwarded to Google+ profile.

To Share a Post: If you want to share a post, you can fix it whether it will be public or anything else. For that, you have to click ‘Add more people’ on ‘Share’ button.

Google+ is the social backbone

Google+1 Button: Many a few days ago, it has added ‘Google+1’ button. It is somewhat like the ‘Like” button of Facebook. If you can see ‘Google+1’ button then you can activate it by clicking ‘Show this tab on my profile’. And if you don’t see, then search it in Google. You will see ‘+1’ button at the right of the search result. Now click it and click again ‘Confirm and ‘+1’ button. Now you can see that ‘+1’ button has appeared.

To Make Circles and Adding Friends to the Circles: This circle is like category or the ‘List’ of Facebook. When you make circles you can see by clicking how many circles are already there. Here at the left you can make circles by clicking ‘Drop here to create a new circle’.  Now you just drag the friend’s name on the circle. Without this if any friend or circle is not in the circle, you can make him join here by clicking ‘Add to circles’.

To Share from Gmail: If you want to post from Gmail to Google+, click ‘Share’. Then make choice and then click ‘Share’.

To Get Gmail Notification: If there is any update in the Google+, you can see in the Notifications of Gmail. Click on the ‘Notifications’ to see them and Google+ page will open when you click them. Without these there is another tab at the left upper corner, by clicking where you can open Google+.

Google+’s Mail in the Gmail: If there is any update or comment in the Google+ it will appear in the Gmail, as we see in the case of Google Buzz. But if one wishes, s/he can stop receiving mails from Google+ settings.

Google Picasa: Your public photos in the Google Picasa will appear in the Google+ Photo Tab, as we see in Google Buzz. And if you add any photo to the Google+, it will be added to the Google Picasa.

Mailing from Google+: You can mail your friend which will reach directly in your friend’s Gmail. For this, you have to click ‘Send an Email’ below the photo of your friend’s profile. Then you add subject matter and click ‘Send mail’ button. The mail will be deposited in your ‘Sent mail’ and reach your friend’s ‘Inbox’.

Google+ in Your Mobile: You can use Google+ from your mobile from link:

Chatting: By clicking ‘Chat’ in the panel at the left, you can chat with your friends.

Hangouts: Through Hangouts you can make voice and video chat. When you click ‘Start Hangout’ at the right panel, a new Hangout window will appear. Though for this, you have to start Google Voice Plugin.

Sparks: Sparks is the system to see information from a websites Fed. If you click on the ‘Sparks’ at the left there will appear some default sparks.  Then if you click on any one of the sparks there will appear a search box. Now you write down an address and it will show you the result. If you want to save the spark, just click ‘Add interest’ and it will be added to the panel at the left.

Suggestion: Like Facebook, you can see suggestions in the right panel of Google+.

Google+ Settings: You can make some necessary changes from Google+ setting. For this, click on the ‘Options’ button, then on ‘Google+ settings’. Some changes like coming notifications as mail, changing privacy, set up a language, download data, add another account, and delete Google+ account etc. can be done here.

Facebook VS Google+: There are some many differences between Google+ and Facebook, and Google+ has some extra features in waiting.

Similarities between Google+ and Facebook: Google+ has Stream that is similar to Facebook’s Status. Here you can add photos, videos, can share link besides writing something. Each of Google+ and Facebook has three columns, can make comments and share and re-share them. You can tag a photo with comments. Both of them have notification, chatting and search systems. Facebook has ‘Like’ while Google+ has ‘+1’, Facebook has ‘List’ while Google+ has ‘Circle’. Without these both of two have some features in common.

Extra Facilities in Google+: You can share location in Google+. Therefore you can make video chatting here.

That Are Not in Google+: There are the opportunities in Facebook those are not in Google+ like Group, Note and many Applications.