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Bangla/Bengali is my mother tongue. It is an international language. International Mother Language Day is celebrated on 21st February in the world. The Mother language day is our Bengali language. But, the English Main International languages. Needless to say, the world of English language obsolete. Bangla language users many people don’t how to translate English to Bangla. So here I wrote about how to use Google Translate English to Bangla. There should be little idea about the history of the Bengali language.

The History of the Bangla/Bengali Language

The 21st of February is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. This day was declared as International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO on November 17, 1999. Since then, our mother tongue Bangla got international recognition. So this day bears a great significance in the history of our nation. This day reminds us of those heroic sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives to glorify our mother language. Barkat, Salam, Jabbar and Rafiq were among them. The Pakistani rulers shot them to death on t his day as they raised massive protest against the Pakistanis rulers shot them to death on this day as they raised massive protest against the Pakistanis rulers for their heinous motive to introduce Urdu as the state language.

google translate english to bengali

Every year on February 21, the proud nation pays homage to these great sons for their supreme sacrifice. Since the day of its recognition by the UNESCO, the people of the world have come to know about our profound love for our mother tongue as well as our sacrifices for it. This day is now observed all over the world. We are proud of our mother language and we also feel proud of being Bangladeshis.

Let us now discuss how to Google translate English to Bangla from Google:

To succeed in this task will have to install the software on your computer Bangla writing software Avro Keyboard.

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  1. Go to Google Translate
  2. As shown below image will open in a new Window

google translate english to bangla

  1. Bangla Select from your Avro software
  2. Then Click Left drop-down radio button and select Bengali and Click Right drop-down menu, select from the English.
  3. Then put the cursor in the menu you have selected from the Bengali Stay write Bengali, You will see English version from English menu is selected.
  4. What is interesting?

Job Done…….. Thanks.


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