How to Access Windows 7 Hidden folders

Windows7 hidden folders help user to stay their significant files secret from unauthorized users or from being accidental compensation. You may be notice that, in your USB Drive or External HD showing low disk space. When you make sure your USB drive or external HD, there are no files or folders. Why it happen? Because in your USB drive or external HD has hidden files or folders. So, in this tutorial, I am going to confirm you on how to access windows 7 hidden folders or files.

To Access Windows7 Hidden Folders, Follow under steps:

1) Login to your windows7 computer or laptop with admin user account.

2) Click -> Start & open Control Panel.

3) From control panel , open Appearance & Personalization.

4) Click -> Folder Options.

5) Folder options properties window will opend. Click -> View.

6) In View window properties , scroll down mouse. Select ‘Show hidden files , folders and drives’ .  Click  Apply & OK.

7) Now go to your USB drive or external HD drive.

Note: Hidden files / folders will not be clear to see. It will seem like vague.

Job done. You have successfully access windows7 hidden folders / files.

Additional Tips: If you wish for to hide any files & folders in windows7 follow this steps:

1) Right mouse click on selected files / folders & open properties.

2) From folders / files properties general window tab , check in hidden.

3) Click -> Apply & OK.

Job done. Now you can stay your all significant files & folders in this hidden folder.


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