How to Change Yahoo Password

Yahoo email is used widely in Internet, many people usually forgot yahoo password, yahoo email, but that how to change yahoo password is cared about by many people. There are how to change your yahoo password.

Method1: How to Change Yahoo Password, When I Forgot yahoo password

1. Log in ;to your Yahoo Email account.

2. Click your name (in this example, User) in the Hi, User greeting at the top-left of the page. From the menu that appears, select Account Info. A new browser screen appears asking you to verify your password.

3. Type your password into the box and click Sign In. The Account Information page appears.

4. Type your Current Password in the first box.

5. Type your New Password in the second box.

6. Confirm your New Password by typing it again in the third box.

7. Click Save. Changing yahoo password is successful.

if that doesn’t work, you can also use the following method to change your Yahoo password

Method2: Change yahoo password with Smartkey Opera Password Recovery 5.0

Opera Password Recovery is a great tool for any user of Opera. It’ll instantly recover passwords for protected web sites and mail accounts stored in Opera. The program will recover only those passwords that have been stored by Opera. If you have lost or forgotten your password, the program will get it back to you instantly as soon as you start it.

Next are the step-by-step tutorial guides to change your yahoo password by Opera Password Recovery

Step1. Free download Opera Password Recovery 5.0 and run it.

Step2. Click “Start Recovery” button, and then a list of emails with sever address, login, passwords will be displayed in the box.

Find out your Yahoo accounts, and passwords. If you want to change Yahoo passwords, then copy the displayed passwords and login into Yahoo, change the passwords there.

The-above methods all can change yahoo password, but I suggest you select the second method, because it can save much time.

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