How to complete 100% your oDesk profile

Anyone comprehend that oDesk is the greatest freelance writing industry on this planet. I really visualize there’s you should not talk about regularly concerning oDesk. Anyone learn very little or more related to that. However to start with time period fresh firms obtain confused tips about how to complete 100% oDesk profile or account. In the subsequent post Allow me to take a look at related to that detail step by step, understand it at this point and luxuriate in on your own.

So complete your profile step by step as look likes below the image:

01. Go to and click “Want a job? Sign up!” as look likes below the image.

02. Create your Contractor account by fill out now step by step look likes bellow the image and click “Get Started“.

03. After Complete 2nd step verify your oDesk profile via your given email.

04. After complete 3rd step then click “Create your Profile” as look like bellow the image (red mark).

05. Now create your oDesk contractor profile step by step as look like bellow the image, when complete fill out your information then click “Save profile and Continue“.

06. Before complete 5th step click through “Add job categories that you apply” as red marked 5th steps image, now select or choose your matching skilled job categories look likes bellow the image.

07. After complete 6th steps then add or edit “Skills, Employ History, Education, Portfolio Project, Brainbench Certifications with Other Certifications and your Other Experiences” as look likes bellow the image.

08. You can now edit your profile return. After finished 7th steps then “Verify your identity“, just follow under the image.

09. Click “Ready? Get Started” as look like bellow the image.

010. Fill out now and verify your oDesk identity step by step look likes bellow the image.

Scalp in excess of to ensure that you get oDesk readiness test. Pretty much every making installers must look at your test. Without having utilizing that test almost any contractor may well employ through upto few days of employment a few days. Subsequent complete that test the job quota increase of 10. Subsequent finished you 10 steps then your oDesk user profile will probably finish 75%. If you want to finish oDesk profile 100% so you definitely ought to combination at least 3 test apart from oDesk readiness test. In case you are a full completely new details simplicity of administration then you definitely ought to look at An individual. So receive test oDesk readiness test having others skills/categories get test, they’re generally your adhere to steps pertaining to finish on your 100% oDesk profile.

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