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All portfolios created Bitcoin Android vulnerable to theft : was a message security for the purpose of alerting the community that every Bitcoin Bitcoin wallet on an Android device generates uncertain and open to theft. Uncertainty seems to be caused by a defect in Android Java Secure Random class. , Under certain circumstances, numbers that can not produce non- deterministic real this could allow an attacker private cryptographic key works of the victim. Private keys are used to sign Bitcoin transactions if an attacker the private key of the victim, the attacker can run like that person Bitcoin transactions.

So far it seems the vulnerability was at least 55 BTC (about $ 5 , 720 as in the morning ) to steal .

To carry out a transaction in Bitcoin , broadcast BTC users their address to the address of the receiver , and when this happens, the sender specifies the public key of the receiver at the end of the record Bitcoin ( your “block- chain ” ) , indicating that the addition of your own private key . This addition is transmitted by the Bitcoin network and other users to assess and reviewing work with new Bitcoins ( this audit work , also called ” mine ” , rewards is currently the predominant method Bitcoin creation) the transaction. Users Up Bitcoin Bitcoin addresses as you like, and in fact encourages users to many, to generate to increase to the creation of a new discourse for each transaction that they would like to do their anonymity. Many directions

Private key , as the name makes clear , must be kept secret . The knowledge of the private key of a Bitcoin address means you execute transactions for this address , and if that happens , direction 100 BTC have it , an attacker with the private key to an address other than a BTC transferred lawfully their own . The distributed nature of Bitcoins anonymously and protects individual Bitcoins to spend more than once , I can not say I Bitcoins and spend , for example , because I can not legally sign their Bitcoins block chains “in their name . This vulnerability is however built neglected protection against “double spending. Signed ” No way to ” roll back ” transaction conducted legally , even if a fraudulent button .

Currently, the error affects each discusses Bitcoin generated at all and all Bitcoin Android applications, including popular applications such as Bitcoin wallet, BitcoinSpinner , and mycelium Bitcoin Wallet seems . These applications generate private key uncertainty with broken Secure Random function. Of the problem (new block chain already available, while others are in development at this time) application developers are aware of and new versions are used.

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