How to Create Meta Tag Keywords

Hi dear all my friends, Today I introduce how to create meta tag keywords? One of the important things for on page optimization is “meta keyword”. A site is incomplete without it. html, css, wordpress, joomla in every case meta keyword has to be used. But in the last two platforms, meta tag keywords is used automatically. Meta description is important as well. Here, it will be discussed broadly. Those who know a thing or two about creating websites know this very well.

By create meta tag keywords and meta descriptions for every page differently we will be able to bring our site as the search result. Just like before, you can add meta key and meta description on the page. But it would be better if you use the words related to the subject or the post.

First, let’s discuss about meta keyword. Search “SEO” in Google. Now, if you want to see the meta keyword of the first site give in Google the go to page source or press ctrl+u (in Mozilla) and a new page will appear. Finding the meta keywords will let u know that there are some words here, that is related with the site.

Now, it is important to know how the meta keyword is applied. The image below will show us where to use meta keyword.

Here, we can see a meta keyword is used between <head>….</head>. When a site is being created, they don’t contain all this. You have to put it between <head>….</head manually. But in joomla, wordpress you have to use it differently. Things that should be looked at carefully whenever someone is using meta keyword in a site:

Start the meta keyword after <head> and end it before </head>

  • Type the keyword between “………………..” this inverted commas.
  • Select the words according to your site. For example: if the site is site based then you can use SEO, What is SEO etc.
  • All the words should be small lettered.
  • Give a comma (,) after each words.
  • Give a space before every word. E.G the right way is SEO, What is SEO, Internet Marketing.

Meta Description

 meta description is a part of meta keyword which is used before or after the keyword. Even this one has to be put between <head>……….</head>

but in joomla, wordpress you to use it differently. But we must keep an eye on the following things:

It will contain a description about the whole site.

  • Not more than 250 words can be used.
  • You can use 2/3 Meta keywords here. The keywords should be separated by commas (,).
  • They will be small lettered
  • Spelling mistakes cannot be done



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