How to Disable or Turn Off Seen on Facebook

How to disable the Seen quality on Facebook and Get free of maddening People: Hi all friends, so all of us use Facebook right ? Fine, most of us do anyhow. It’s a huge place to get together old friends and make a only some good new ones. You can still just join the social network for the amusing posts or playing informal games. Facebook is a huge hangout but as if by a say, Facebook keep rolling out updates every few weeks.

A few of these updates are good quality, some of them apparently unnecessary. But at all the case is, there’s always a furor against any update as people on the interwebz do not like to see their familiar online custom change in anyway. Which is fair in many a case  from the user’s viewpoint. But these change are what make any site forward and put off it from becoming sour. But, from time to time, just from time to time there’s an update that is absolute unwanted for a few physically powerful reasons.

Facebook’s read receipts i.e the ‘Seen’ mark in chat messages is one of persons. Though it is most likely conceived to serve up the useful purpose of leasing the user know when his message is read, it become one’s bane if one does not want to respond right away or is in no mood to do so. It places an duty on the user to react to the message on the display as the guy on the other end knows you have read his or her message. This can get exasperating fast.

So in this post, I will show you a few method as to how to get free of the ‘Seen’ feature in Facebook chat.

How to Disable or Turn Off Seen on Facebook

Turn off the ‘Seen’ feature in FB chat :

Method – I: Facebook Unseen For Chrome

The first technique is to use chrome and install the Facebook unseen chrome extension.

  • Make sure you obtain Chrome first. It is a very well browser in its own right, so go ahead if you do not already have it installed.
  • Get the Facebook Unseen extension installed by leaving here
  • Then go  Settings – Tools – Extensions
  • You will find the list of extensions which you have installed in chrome, choose the options for Facebook Unseen
  • Configure the extension as for every your needs and you are ready to roll.

As you be able to see you can also disable the typing pointer while typing your messages so the other person does not know you are incoming your message.

Method- II : Unseen For Mozilla Firefox

Ok so for you reactionary firefox fans out there, there’s also a FF addon that disables the ‘seen’ rank called Unsen.

  • Find firefox on your Computer of laptop (Ok. I should not be effective you this. FF rocks and you are lost amazing if you do not already have it).
  • Obtain the addon by leaving to the Unseen addon page here.
  • After installing, you can go to Tools – Addons  and configure the Unseen addon according to your preference.


Method – III : Change Adblock Plus (For Firefox , Chrome & Opera browsers)

Adblock plus is an addon that is for all time on my top Five list of browser addons. It should be one of the 1st addons you should be installing winning downloading any of the support browsers.

  • Obtain Adblock Plus here (ABP) in container and do not already have it installed.
  • Now go to ABP from end to end Tools – Addons and select Filter preference.
  • Go Custom Filters tab and click on Add filter group button.
  • Name the group anything you wish for.
  • Click the Actions button and select Show / hide filters. You will see a new pane opening right next to it.
  • Click Add Filter button on the pane and paste this:
  • Restart browser.


Method – IV: (Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer)

There is a different way you could disable the ‘seen’ feature in facebook chat messages. There is an app called “Chat Undetected” that will disable the read gate upon installation . Now install the application and configure it as per your preference and you are done.

Get Chat hidden here.

Install the app by accept the download prompt.

Say goodbye to read receipts in facebook chat messages.

So there you go people. I have shown you four different method to get rid of the ‘seen’ feature in facebook chat so you would never again experience compelled to reply to a message in facebook, because the sender knows you have read the message. You know how to react at your leisure or not at all. We see the read receiving as something that essentially flooring the user of the liberty to choose whether to react or not to a message with its read reports. Now you obtain to take back that liberty. Happy social network.

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