How to Fix Wifi Problem for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Wireless/Remote Internet is a super successful strategy to connection with web instead of LAN Cable. Today I introduce How to Fixing WIFI Problem for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Really It’s very  simple and easy step.

In this strategy I am set to reveal to every one of you the conceivable ways to fixing WIFI problem.

NO. 1 : Fixing WIFI Problem.

Symptom – Cannot open any site including Google/Facebook/Youtube or Twitter.

Solution – Check your PC/laptop WIFI setting, is it joined with router or not in your workstation/PC/laptop Task bar?

In windows Eight, if your PC/laptop does not joined with WIFI, you will see a black ash/gray symbol.

To fixing this issue, you have to connect with WIFI router with security key.

NO. 2 : Fix WIFI Problem.

Symptom – WIFI Signal in windows Eight PC/laptop giving cross hint.

Solution – This hint shows that, your WIFI is corrupted/disabled . To enable the WIFI, take after this :

1. Go Control Panel

2. Open Network and Sharing Center

3. For windows Vista, seven & 8, click on change adapter settings,

4. See Another window open. You will see that WIFI is disabled

5. To Enable the WIFI, click on right mouse button & click on Enable,

NO. 3 : Fix WIFI Problem.

Symptom – WIFI is enable from Control Panel; however still I my WIFI symbol in task bar giving cross hint.

Solution – Recent PC or laptop keyboard come with extra functionality include WIFI button switch on/off,

So whenever you press the WIFI switch off-key, it will disable the WIFI. Try to find-out the key in your PC/laptop and enable it.

WIFI-key in key board look like comparable to all PC or laptop.

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