How to Hack Your Internet Speed Without Software or Tools

Welcome Dear Friends, How are you ? Today I’ll talk about How to Hack Internet Speed without software or tools! It’s absolutely easy and it’s true, not funny and no need any experience, even a child can use it. I will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to have web to five times quicker without any software or tools!

 The Internet is one of the most ideal paths to correspond with others. Anyhow not just the way we correspond with others, and yet listen to music, play internet recreations, visiting and downloading. In the first planet web speed is exceptionally high and can expect up to remember 1 Gbps (imagined by Google) be. Anyhow in the improving scene, for example BD, the web speed is excessively moderate as 256 kbps. Generally web speed is 1 Mbps, which is recognized an exceptionally level rate in the United States.

 Now it is too late, let’s get started, how it can be…..

 Please follow the step by step :-

 1. Go to ” Run ” by the ” start menu “

 2. Then write ” CMD ” and prees ” Ok ” open a new window (command prompt window)

3. Type ” ipconfig/all ” and press  ” Enter ” key. Open a new window (command prompt window)

 4. Find ” DNS SERVERS ” line

 5. Now write ” ping –t

Note: If your DNS server is then write ” ping –t ” and press “Enter” key.

 7. See what the status is, what will happen again, it will increase your internet speed.

 Then enjoy! enjoy!! enjoy!!! Thanks.

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