Best tips to increase internet speed in your computer

You are not obtaining expected speed from your net service provider! getting to do complain against your net service provider to increase net speed.

Please Wait ! Before you are doing complain regarding your net speed try yourself to spice up your net speed 1st with this below tips on how to increase internet speed windows 7/XP?

First tips : Delete unneeded  Add ons from your browser. Yes; someday you’ll not get expected speed if you install to several add ons in your pc browsers. Therefore try and use les add ons.

2nd tips : Remove unneeded software from your PC. Unneeded software took space in your hard disk and use your net bandwidth. Therefore try and use less unneeded software.

3rd tips : Empty your net temp files and folders once or double during a week.

4th tips : Check your system registry for error. you’ll be able to use C cleaner to check your system error. Registry error cause your PC to try and do surprising behavior.

5th tips : Disable auto loading pictures and pop up from your browser. You may notice some sites start loading scripts, pictures and videos automatically in your browser after you start your PC. This type of stuffs are main perpetrator to slow your net speed.

To disable pictures and videos from auto loading , follow this below step :

1. Go to “control panel” and open net options.

2. In net option properties page click on Advance and un-check the unneeded functions that you simply don’t need to use in your browsers.

I hope this tips can help you to increase net speed.

Extra tips: someday you’ll not get expected net speed because of your physical hardware configuration like cable, lan, wifi, router, DSL. try and check this physical parts in your PC.

After following on top of guideline, if you don’t get expected net speed then you will contact your net service provider ISP to arranged this problem. Thanks.

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