How to Install Windows 7/8 on Your MacBook Using Boot Camp

I use the Windows operating system on my PC so far, but when I was growing began to hear of MacBook and iMac computer . When I came to know about Apple, and soon in one of the store I . Was I kept my hands on a MacBook and everything fell over them . Apple was on simplicity and performance , but I was unable to choose , because my heart was not ready .

So first I asked if I install it on the MacBook and iMac or not and to perform. My favorite Windows programs I liked the positive result and I’m here , including the method to install it .

I found many ways to install the Apple operating system . Windows 7 or 8 The best are the Bootcamp and Virtual Box . I am also the method that works with Boot Camp and you can here on Virtual Box here.

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How to Install Windows 7 on Mac using Boot Camp: Follow these simple steps to complete the process of bootcamp

  • Boot Camp is a utility for the Windows operating system runs on MacBooks and iMacs . You need to look for the program and ensure that the program to the latest version available. If not, then you have the latest update from the Apple menu .
  • Now this step will hurt a little , how to create a new partition in the Windows 7 OS allows files to be stored . Be sure to create the partition using the NTFS file system and keep at least 20 GB of storage .
  • Click on a copy of Windows 7 and Boot Camp “Start the Windows installer and follow the on-screen instructions . Once you start the installation .
  • Now install the hardware drivers for Windows shows the drive and put the OS X disk . Click the CD – ROM, and then the hardware will be installed automatically .
  • Now you can easily run Windows on your Mac .

Note – When you start the system, you must press the button to the Windows operating system , the system default boot OS X indicate otherwise

You can also install with this method. Windows 8 All you need to do is to get the hard drive Windows 8 with the Windows 7.

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