How to Make Bootable Windows XP USB Drive

Boot from USB is more faster than boot from CD/DVD Drive. You can easily install Windows XP from a Pen drive by making your bootable pen drive. In this tutorial I will give full direction in how to make bootable windows xp USB drive .

To make bootable Pen-drive / Flash-drive you need following things :

1. One or Two GB Pen-drive / Flash-drive

2. Windows XP CD/DVD Disk

3. N Lite software

4. Win to flash software.

You can download the N lite and Win to flash software from here. Download link are given end of the post.

After downloading this zip file extract the folder.

Make an Unattended Windows XP

First install the N Lite software which one downloaded before and start the program.

Click on Next. After that Computer will ask you to locate the Windows XP files. You can locate the windows xp file from your CD/DVD Rom or from Hard Disk. If you locate the windows xp file from CD/DVD Rom, Computer/Laptop will ask you to choose the location to save the windows xp file.

Now computer/laptop start copy windows xp file from CD/DVD to Hard Disk.

Click Next twice and then computer/laptop will give you option to make your xp Unattended istallation. Choose the Unattended option and click next.

In Next option, from Unattended Mode choose fully automated and provide your XP serial Key.

Then click on Owner and Network ID option and give your — Computer Name — Workgroup Name — Full Name — Organization name. After that click on Next.

Computer/laptop will ask you for confirmation and click yes. Now computer will start making your xp unattended installation process and after the processing, computer will give you confirmation  msg and click finish.

Come to make Unattended XP installation to Bootable Pen drive / flash drive

The file you downloaded and extracted before, go to the Win to Flash folder and open Win To Flash.exe file. Then choose the “Transfer Windows XP setup to USB Drive” and click on RUN.

Now plug-in your Flash Drive / Pen drive to your computer. In Windows source path locate the folder which one we use to make unattended windows xp installation and in USB drive option locate your flash drive path. Then click run and after completing this process your flash drive / pen drive will be ready to install XP.

FAQ : How to configure the computer bios to boot from Pen drive /flash drive ?

Ans : Before you start installing your XP from your USB make sure that your computer support USB to install XP. But most of the recent computer/Laptop Bios support bootable pen drive.

To boot from your USB just plug-in your bootable pen drive to computer and restart your computer. Then Press F9 or F12 key from your keyboard and you will get the option to choose boot from your USB Flash Drive / Pen Drive.

Download Auto Installation Windows xp Bootable Pen Drive Software from Here

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