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How to Make the Best Use Of An Email Signature
So many e-mail signatures times are an afterthought and not really seen as an opportunity to sell. What I mean by “electronic signature” is the company that put in the depth of his person to person e-mails, not in your e-mail marketing campaigns (even if you agree that signatures can be used!)

And that means not only that your own e-mail signature, I mean the e-mail signatures of all employees and, especially, when you send a lot of e-mails in terms of customer service.

First things first, make sure it contains standard pieces of information when people are out of your business.

  • Name, company name, address and telephone number.
  • Twitter and Facebook links and encourage people to follow you.
  • Website and blog.

There are some creative ways you can use a part of the e-mail signature to your e-mail that can not be “necessary” but it might be fun to add and to help increase your sales!

  • your logo
  • A “Deal of the Week” with a special link so you can track how you’re doing.
  • A link to “join your mailing list” and you will receive an e-mail special exclusive offers.
  • Seeing a client testimonials for your recipients, how much you love your customers.
  • A link to a seminar or event you wish to participate.

So do not let your e-mail signatures is an afterthought. If you are a business is during the week, read on and change their weekly supply. People might actually get it!

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