Learn languages ​​for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

You can view download and install additional languages for Windows Vista and Windows 7 menus, dialog boxes and other interface elements in your preferred language. Other languages are only running a genuine copy of Windows. Some languages are installed on the Microsoft Download Center, and some are installed with Windows Update. In addition, some languages require a premium edition of Windows or a particular language.

Language packs. If the Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can use any of 33 available language packs can be downloaded using Windows Update. Language Packs provide a translated version of the Windows dialog boxes, menus and help content.
Language Interface Packs (LIP). LIP can be any edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be installed and provides a translated version, only the most frequently used dialog boxes, menus and help content. LIP can download the Microsoft Download Center, click the links below. To install a LIP, you must install the necessary high-level languages on your PC. If your language is listed as “coming soon” is on the way back, check here for updates.

Note: Language packs for Windows XP also available. Microsoft Office in your preferred language, you can create a LIP-Office.

Please check your copy :

(1) Genuine copy of Windows

(2) Installed using Windows Update

(3) Language packs for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

(3) Language packs for Windows XP

(4) Download an Office LIP

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