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bKash Mobile banking is financial services dedicated to a broad network of community-based agents and provide existing technology, including wireless phones. The overall value proposition is simple: a safe, fast and convenient way to send and receive money and make payments at any time and anywhere, save, or custody of their hard earned money.
bKash Limited is a joint venture between BRAC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh and Money in Motion, LLC, USA. Ensuring access to a wider range of financial services to the population of Bangladesh is the ultimate goal of bKash. You have to play a special focus on low-income people in the country and to achieve sustainable micro-savings for greater financial inclusion for the provision of financial services, convenient, cheap and reliable.

bKash is both an extension of BRAC Bank and work as a switch to large-scale mobile payment. This will be especially beneficial for the country 83% of the population lives below $ 2 a day and access to finance to help them improve their economic situation. Less than 15% of Bangladeshis are connected to the formal financial system, while 44% of the total population in their mobile phones. It may mean the provision of financial services to its services more accessible and less expensive for the vast population of Bangladesh.

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