Most Addictive Android Games From Google Play – Top 50

Many iOS and Android users can not only play addictive games for android more reason, I think it’s safe to say that almost all Android users have a favorite game. Whether for puzzle games, action games of this type of arcade and simulation games, or maybe the person who has, as it is recorded.

I have the privilege of writing reviews Android. For about one and a half years and I scribbled all probability somewhere around five hundred or extra points on the Android device Several of them are terribly safe games and titles have been as highly addictive. That said, I’m still enjoying it, if the check is printed. I have used this game on my Android device, you will not miss a minute – you enjoy your device shared my 50 most addictive Android games.

So here, for your reading, discussion and debate are my school of fifty habit Android games. You should be warned that these swallows during his spare no mercy, output usually energetic and disorientation, finally, after hours and hours enjoying the hardcore. With this as a little warning to take the productivity and the top layer.

Each game download link added to the names of the games.

Game Dev Story

 Game Dev Story is another prime retro title that has the closest thumbscrews. Here you have your own game development company to lead, so a series of terrible games and leading a team of developers and cold creativity.

This game Maine chills thinking quite addictive, but I will be the same. 3:00 and ends blearily dying cell phone battery was not unusual. Kairosoft have so many similar titles created undoubtedly see get. Google Play

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower would make a nice retro game king as build a tower and fill it with interesting characters. It is a great casual game where you are able once to get.’s Time for you in and out

Of the characters out of the ordinary and therefore the possibility of decoration in different uniforms, Bitbook the messages as they are old to say, the gameplay is convincing and compelling in real time. It offers a fantastic humanoid together to induce to dissatisfaction, as the charm of the old school. Retro games.

WarGames WOPR

War Games: WOPR could support a puzzle game 80 movie of the same name. Basically, you need to connect to high scores and beat his rival (of characters in the film). The similar icons together

Wrapped in images and dialogues of the film, the game is hard, and I was quickly hooked. Not many games Maine, but they have done, almost “unputdownable” to complete.

loosen dead

Ioosen dead/Dead Trigger is an immersive first-person and disturbing zombie action game that you finish missions and sweep the undead see in the careful and rich mobile environments.

The game, visual effects and sound mixing to good results, a game that demands your attention, and not, as if to deliver the property. Played on a tray in the dark, and you will realize that a large amount of cooling that some horror movies.

New Star Soccer

New Star In football you have to measure the lifetime of a participant gumptious. With everyone on the field and off the field components for the game, which is an incredible waste of time for any fan of the games.

A follow football journalist tweeted about New Star Soccer, besides an apology for the following games would cause a loss of productivity. When I was three weeks wean me and domain management levels offer himself had used to be aware of what he had. Unique gameplay but seriously dents reality.


After the zombie theme to build what you need to strategically build a small community of survivors. Want to expand your site and protect against rising death many times World Health Organization attack your assets. The game is full of terrible ethical decisions and devastating events that regularly shake your progress.

The game reminds me a compassion for the welfare of their community members. if you can not help but feel saddened by the loss of a dice. Most probably sounded one of the most prominent titles in this round – up, is likely to ignore a vice like grip, expensive.

100 Doors

100 doors can be a challenging puzzle game where you have to open a door. In each level Logic abuse, patience and a bit of strategy, players must specifically how to calculate all the doors to open to progress.

The game has an army of online fans, where these goods are shared solutions collected. Usually it is very easy to play but very challenging tests and heuristic rule. Intrinsic safety is able to settle down and custom puzzle fans.

Angry Birds Space crude

A game Angry Birds had to make the list, is not it? The premise is simply amazing, his fire birds varied thieves destroy buildings evil pigs. There are many levels and some to implement as the story unfolds. Other birds

The series is currently different titles and spawned countless times already downloaded to various platforms. It is “must – play” game illustration. I can not just choose to much habit than the other, so here is the last and largest plot of the series, Angry Birds home.

Temple Run

Temple Run humanoid burst on the scene very fashionable in iOS. Running, jumping, sliding and your way of an old wall to change and escape demon monkey fans. The games have quick reactions and nerves of steel to try to do well.

The challenge is to last as long and be able to complete various missions as you do this will be. Later, one of the largest casual games engaging and highly accessible Google Play.

Word Weasel

If you want to download games without a doubt, you must imagine Word Weasel. In a dish like attending weapon is intentionally Boggle. Play against online players alternative for the best score in two minutes to induce. It is jointly made their way into our barn Illustration puns.

The fast pace, more addictive and hugely satisfying if you’re good. Changes mean spherical results though so make sure you do the best you can. Another game I argue long into the night and continue to attract long Maine and back.

A story of a band

 A story of a band is a terrible retro-style title where you drive and developed a dance orchestra and lead them to the status of super – high. No one million miles of the type of game you will discover in Game Dev Story and mold removed, see the story of a band that will lead your group through a history of the latest music.

To determine the most important band of punk? Beer tour, new albums and managing their heavy band members drink too terrible a game as hard rock.

My song Monsters

One of my obsessions moderate, my vocal sample a game where you grow a choir amazing sexual beings. Race, place eggs and grow new samples harmoniously in a series of islands.

Keep monster happy and catchy melodies tissue is a factor, but only does every day is indeed difficult. an excellent casual game, that is one thing that each and young adults is very dependent.

Monsters Ate My Condo

Monsters Ate My house dating from the extravagant imagination of parents on Adult Swim. Just mix and / or wipe away housing levels into hungry mouths crazy monsters.

Definitely not something you’ve ever seen, it is easy to play but hard to put down. Samples are unlikely stupid, but gameplay is incredibly addictive.

Night of the Living Dead

However, there are probably many games Tower Defense game store that Google is in the name of me. Closely related to the first constant names film, Night of the Living Dead effect options and sound bites from the film, the compelling and convincing convincing building projects.

What really uninterrupted ME come to play over and over again, but it was interesting, the atmosphere penetrates only through each level. It is mysterious, and end with a tower in the Games, especially obsessive playable on the market these days.


Trainyard is a gem for puzzle fans. Produce only stabbing to ensure that they reach their contributions to resistance. Corresponding tracks for trains A sense of temporal order is necessary, developed in this game, animated glowing death.

There are dozens of levels and the necessary logic, we can look at even the most devoted fans of the genre. The logic puzzles is that you can easily understand that there is an answer that actually keeps you try again and again until you discover.


Spirits are as anethereal version of Lemmings. Made with sounds and interesting gameplay, the welfare of the spirits in the way your primary concern as a leader on a target game.

Lemmings was one of the most addictive portable games and often in his time and spirit is just as exciting. Another game that not only plays with a great atmosphere and envelope, which is a title, but also experience.

Football Manager Handheld 2014

Football Manager (and its predecessor Championship Manager) was the record for the reason for many divorces in the UK. In a nutshell, the players names managing virtual groups and what he does. , With his family, as the draw is difficult

Edition 2012 handheld is very fun to play and addictive obsession could ally. Maybe we should go along with the following warning – “can have on personal relationships, have a skilled and long-term use has an adverse effect.”

Flick Kick Football

Flick Kick Football is a field game (sorry), but one that I found also injured. Everything you try, the ball Flick networks rooms and our goal to score goal. The game comes with many modes and visuals retro football cowards.

Maybe this is in the list, because my love for “the big game” creates, but there is no denying the recognition of the “film” vogue games Google Play. This in my name, at least, that the ideal of this kind

Riptide GP

Riptide GP is a stunning futuristic jet gambling, a Tegra device to run hot. The pictures are not of this world, the media splash screen drip on the dynamics of water waves and realistic.

Races are fast and very funny. It’s the kind of game that really shows off the graphical capabilities of the device high – end mechanical man. When I found myself participating in it again and again, a little mesmerized by the stunning graphics and immersive environments. Really impressive that you suck in hard to put down. From the beginning and

Perfect Friend

Dude Perfect guys are a bunch of health world organization really daring trick basketball shots succeed and make incredible YouTube videos of his exploits. The game plays a bit like Angry Birds, but do not use several obstacles to the proper attitude to land.

There are many difficulty levels to progress through, and some are very powerful and have a lot to implement. The chances of landing a perfect shot, and contains an additional.

R – Type

R – Type is another good game yesterday. Go through the level, when the level of the retro shooter action game that helped to define the house in the genre.

I can not comment on what it is addictive, and can put my finger on the nostalgic memories it brings the beautiful finish or bosses solid regardful be overcome. In any case, as at this time and to compete again I felt like I was before Sega Master System used to playing a gaming machine and a universe sweating back.

Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is a new order ‘breed’em – up removed for lack of a better descriptive. Frogs to form new race to compete and sell frogs. It’s like Pokemon, only for amphibians.

Very different frogs collection is a factor, but can measure for building environments, buy rare breeds, breeding greater impact and toads games is all great fun and really addictive.


If zipping around in a ghost town clunking read rednecks and pickup oxen pleasure is your plan, then check out Grabatron positive.

What makes this so compelling that the object of pure fun. Learn how to get and find launchers, and create great things unpleasant person successfully in very fine. The graphics and sound are also prime class a game you always want to play again and again.

Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies sees Barry Steak Fries, the last time Jetpack Joyride fame, saltation over time as it takes for a zombie apocalypse in different historical settings. Unlikely stupid, is pure joy of creating fluffy mixture of very few many hungry zombies.

Did you ever think you’d end up in a zombie T – Rex with massive weapon? You’ll be here. It is highly addictive and although it is a bit on the appearance of the short, is a game that is hard to leave you alone would be very long.


FreeFlow is a ridiculously simple game where you are in a grid with colored lines to fill. Grids start small, but become more complicated, as they grow in size. There are many levels in the game and relax with activity.

This is the kind of game where you play some of the levels, and before you know it happens anhour. Just cheating on him with bright colors and an intelligent game, then suddenly, you can not include the damn factor!


Name the virus that still offers a number of options and change to implement. Then sit back and see what the global chaos. It is the last word apocalypse simply management game.

Playing a Twisted Evil Genius is definitely nice. Moreover, it is difficult to eliminate more people next time a high gambling addiction.

Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway exciting game, a game where turn of the race traffic police at a furious pace you out. The graphics are great and the sound is excellent, the establishment of an elegant suit induce and circumspect tense.

Although I did not find any games in general that the class be “hooked.” The fun of games Reckless Getaway anexception but the rule. It is very easy to play and each flip asks you to retrieve the situation. To the top of the threshold A cover that first casual game, is something that you get a buzz when you wake up.


HexDefense is a tower defense game dark and gloomy Argonon with retro graphics and surround sound. Unlike the black background anachromatic, poor destroyed during a rain of exploding fireworks.

I love tower defense games intelligent and this was one between the primary I was instructed. Games, just go to pressing while playing and it’s terribly easy, sponsored by the atmosphere and gameplay. If you’re a big fan of the titles of the tower, be careful to visualize if you do not already have it.

Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight is a platform game playable anendearingly packed choked with fun characters and fun game. Collect cupcakes and avoid level as the level of bad.

Another game that simply could not be set, stifled sexual phrases and good action. For a few weeks but they can not love a game that combines features of a Ninja Kitty?

Osmos HD

Osmos HD is a very exciting game, literally! You manage a molecule as it moves around a universe that promotes alternative. Absorb smaller promotes growth and depleting, to survive.

Multi-award winning game and delicious hard and addictive, Osmos HD is another game that the “experience” rather than playing alone. worth every penny of the price, you will be able to try before you buy with this demonstration.

They need to be fed

They need to be fed is another wonderful indie game, which is always an exciting and fun. Guide your character very little to the hungry mouth anfinish level monsters. Avoid obstacles and pitfalls during the live game terribly original.

The style at the level you need to be fed is incredibly demonic and there are usually very different methods require constant goal. If you do not notice that you almost feel obligated to do one more, make it extremely addicted to everything.


Birzzle is a puzzle game based on birds that just sucked Not entirely unlike the “Chuzzle” is known, you should cluster along and exchange of birds pop colors to make them.

The graphics are very nice and if you enjoyed games like racing and sequins, you will find this voluminous and highly addictive brands.

Star Dunk

Dunk Hoops Star is a beautiful house in the first place on the multiplayer. If that is not convincing enough, you will be able to work, origin, varieties and qualities of balls and play against thousands of players worldwide.

Games are incredibly fast and create in no time pressure on every shot count on. Currently, collective game is over, the calculation by successive starts. You can just spend hours taking in this game. Part at once It’s fun too impetuous draws you in


Diversion is a 3D where you cross platforms and jumping from one section to another. There are many characters to complete and many levels.

It is absolutely crucial here, and if you miss a jump usually means that you must start again. Normally it is unlikely that you feel unfairly miss the high degree of dependence after a jump constantly both ready to do it again, so without thinking, to.

Fieldrunners HD

Fieldrunners HD is a fun tower defense title, because it’s fun graphics and great music and sound, excellent playing and horrible and most exciting in the first phase. The animation in question Fieldrunners HD is beautiful and makes the game more rewarding if you play for a few minutes or a few hours.

The learning curve is involved in the game is ideal persistently difficult and yet terribly rewardful. It is a game that simply can not attend, you simply forced to look at all levels. Then you have the last word gamer deal issue “an extra level?”

Air Control

Air Control identifies guide planes, jets and helicopters on the ground at a busy airport. Just draw a line from the aircraft to the runway and it will follow the path. If two converging lines cause an accident and explain that you understand that.

Experts temporary order and abstraction awareness is important, because the growing variety of boats in sight. The additional ship earth, the highest score. Built Very simple operation, easy to play and addictive.


Gyro is a simple game animplausibly must have colors to incoming balls rotate the center circle match. The game is intuitive and easy.

Good luck catching a lot of balls in this half is more regardful but in general you want to be able to do more. This press play again and again. an excellent casual game that is easy to learn but hard to turn. terribly down.

Cut the Rope HD

Cut the Rope is a physics game very much, where you have a little monster Om Nom candy or dining. There are objects and obstacles varied, however, and the variety of things that can help, such as bells and strings.

For me, Cut the Rope is true that with the likes of Angry Birds in terms of addiction. The levels are really smart, simple light, which means that each phase is grabbing for a variety of reasons.


Draw a thing out of the darkness and anvirtually overnight sensation. A drawing multiplayer game is the person you are advised to play with, depending on the material and backward.

People will not lose many, many hours of play. likely to compete in a tablet with a pen, the better it is fun and not as bulky Pictionary game room. Once you begin to participate in the lottery one thing, it takes Aniron be avoided. Be careful!

Drag Racing

Four hours. But this is a lot of games after my day began to compete fully excited. Just racing car in a test acceleration hit just the right time, it could not be easier. Intelligent Temporary Order is crucial.

Then, how your car and attack competitors durable and sustainable improve faster and more things. Games can be a major obstacle killers of time which is best avoided if you want a productive way. That said, it’s fun and rewarding to play, especially if you like games.

Hyper Jump

Head to the sky in this jumping game looks visually radiant being the best possible leadership. He ran bonds and rises without bulky things make more endpoints strangled.

Allied hypnotic easy to play, absorbing the time associated qualified time seems just a few minutes. Not massively totally different than playing with the classic ‘Abduction’, this adds a lot of possibilities and a much richer experience.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Other title Adult Swim, here the administration Android imaginary beings, as the sound of the band Erasure Synth 80 slides from one platform. Jump and run and how much you are able to get a score will be. Highest possible

The idea of an imaginary beings machine is fascinating enough, but the gameplay is addictive to play on the screen as the music ringing tone in kitsch. Before the eyes

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman platform in the mechanical man more than a few weeks and I was impressed with Agene real exciting gameplay. There bulky hard levels and the graphics are good for training platform genre.

Often complete levels only by the skin of their terrible teeth, making exciting games, since receiving the mechanical man. It also makes the most addictive games you love to return every time to do your death. most suitable preference for the serial port Rayman, the price is worth every penny.

Flick Golf!

Flick Golf Course is easy when you move the hole by shooting. addictive and fun, dripping in quality and is hard to put down.

The title is a part of the total fat content ranging from games “Flick”, that many games and action games, but that everyone should be simple gestures right to play. be careful to ensure more. Flick Golf Extreme for an exciting game even further

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies has however committed in Store Play Google for a long time to shoot as many zombies with one bullet is still terribly strong for some people.

Now the game is a sequel – Stupid zombies has a few, so be careful to see that.

Plants vs. Zombies

If we have a tendency, at the top of this movement in the depth chart, but we will have a tendency not embody the powerful Plants vs. Zombies? It is a defense game where sensitive garden plants defend braving the hordes of zombies.

The game is also addictive and intensely painful. is a game that repeatedly has an entirely new genre of gaming brand of defense, which in various forms, while Google Play. It’s nice, but quite bulky distracting enough to ruin your productivity.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride looks fool core action hero Barry Steak Fries world health organization, we tend to hit the final battle zombies time. Here is interrupted play with a powerful jetpack. In scientific work

The game combines gather with funny pictures and lots of powerups, bonuses, and things. Easy operation terrible This determines that the issue “additionally” criticism that compulsive produces these games so unlikely.


How is an application together embody not addictive Tetris? Tetris was hooked before humans existed mechanics, which is locked.

The game is so familiar and as hard as ever in the mechanical man version of the Games, the transfer of this puzzle goodness blockish to mobile screens. I feel that everyone should have the dream of participating in lost Tetris, it’s just a ceremony of passage for all players.

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled is another addictive classic, taking players to get rid of the cluster in jewelry combos of 3 or extra and earn points to be forced.

It’s an adventure, but usually totally irrelevant inexplicable, where your goal is to get this far. Possible Like Tetris, in all probability, he found his fame beyond the mechanical man, but is currently on the market on the platform and is still involved and fun to play.

Word Mix

Finally, but by no means suggests that at least word Combine is perhaps the board game I spent the most time in. It is a much copied anagram game where you have as many words as you can to form for a certain time. We must unravel the six letters anagram to reach the next level.

An absolute favorite android ‘Wordies’ offers a pleasant addictive and fun game psychotropic.

So there you have it, 55 pretty addictive Android games, and more addicting games on the humanoid platform. The list shows that deep, but probably had a dozen much just cut off my original list. So, dear readers, what did I miss? What keeps you playing until dawn? Humanoids titles that have destroyed your productivity? Be sure to add your favorites below ‘……

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