MP3 Rocket

MP3 Rocket is a client program for sharing files in a P2P network.

With this P2P client, you can exchange music, videos, movies, audio files, video games, documents, images and more.

If you are looking for multimedia files over the Internet, you should use a file sharing tool to downloads those documents without having to navigate a Web page.

Some salient features are MP3 Rocket:
– Dedicated music file search support;
– High speed transfer;
– Built-in media player;
– LimeWire network connection;
– Possibility of using filters for each search;
– Possibility of recording audio CDs.

MP3 Rocket has a dynamic interface that lets you do a problem-free search of the files you want.


Software Name : MP3 Rocket

License type : Freeware

Available languages
Category: Peer to peer
File Size: 12.52 MB
Manufacturer: MP3 Rocket
MP3 Rocket against Virus: yes
MP3 compatible operating rocket systems:
Win 98,2000, Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008×32

Download this software from here


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