NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus

NetQin Mobile Security is designed to protect Android devices from viruses and malware, you keep your system at optimum speed.

Mobile Security is available in the availability of scanning and removal, with the cloud + Twin Engine client technology and real-time protection. Frequent updates of virus database are available to ensure that our users are fully protected against the latest threats! Also included is an anti-lost, running the full on GPS tracking and cross-server system backup of contacts also provide comprehensive protection of user data.

This application maintains the privacy of users and is currently protected in the Android Market!

Analyze, detect and eliminate viruses with our award-winning twin-engine (client + cloud) anti-virus scanning technology! Now with multiple scanning options (one-touch scan, full scan, scheduled scan, real-time protection) packed! Enjoy the voyage with the confidence that malicious web pages are displayed in browsers as a block malicious URLs and messages identified prior to the opening!

Expensive data rates and want to take full advantage of a smart phone, people often go over their monthly data limit, leading to unexpectedly high phone bills. Sure with this new feature, real-time information using data in your device and the cap of a maximum usage data that you never exceed your limit.

One-touch device in order to optimize the performance in memory, CPU and increased efficiency of the battery of the device by closing unused applications by users.

Garbage collection of unused files and picture messages to release disk space.

Backup and restore contacts on an SD card or on our server.

This allows users to retrieve their contact list to the same or another device, thus guaranteeing that does not lead to the loss of a device in the loss of valuable contacts equated.

This feature also facilitates the process of upgrading to a new phone number that is multi-platform, Android, and Symbian devices.

Anti-lost race remote-like functions, the protection in the world for financial losses and leakage of privacy.

‘Anti-lost “allows users to find a lost cell phone, an alarm in it, and locate exactly where.

If you have the possibility to dispense with the device, the contents of the phone will be completely eliminated by a simple remote commands to the phone.

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