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Your Computer. Only Faster… Safely Clean Your Windows PC or Laptop Automatically!

Clean your Windows operating system does not have to be annoying
It is likely that his team was very quick the first time that I brought home. But soon things got a little stale. This happens more often than the PC manufacturers are willing to admit. Fortunately, cleaning your Windows operating system and restore your PC or laptop ‘just out of the box “feeling is not hard – if you have the right tools.

Restoration of the natural power of your PC safe
The trick to clean Windows machine, it is in such a way as to do so safely. There is nothing worse than the loss of the core Windows operating system files and deal with the complaints that Windows tries to be figuring out where things went. PC Cleaner design reflects a keen sense of the sensitive nature of the cleaning of the Windows file system safely. As a result, we have hundreds of hours of tests and adjustments PC Cleaner spent to get just right.

Boost Windows startup and shutdown speed
Almost every program you install these days wants to fit in the startup routine of your PC, the computer is much slower at startup and shutdown time. PC Cleaner will help you to try all the programs start when Windows appears and you can choose which applications can be loaded automatically. The beginning and the end of the system can be improved dramatically if even a few unnecessary programs from the boot routine to be removed.

Make sure the privacy of Computing
PC Cleaner is specially used to carefully remove the functionality of the unwanted cookies and temporary Internet files, files from web pages to track your online activities and behavior. PC Cleaner cleans spread these files, monitoring frequency sent quickly and safely remove hidden helps to protect your privacy.

PC Cleaner is Miss What other programs
Manual cleaning of the location and number of hidden files to use applications to hide files and cookies from the story about the left is definitely no fun. PC Cleaner know exactly where to find safe and clean these files and settings without major damage to your computer system files. The result is improved performance of Windows
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(2.2 MB, less than a minute, and always 100% Spyware and completely free space recommended – .. 29.95)

Clean junk files and valuable storage space
Browse to your hard drive for junk files and removes them permanently, freeing up memory for your computer run more efficiently.

Fix Windows Registry Corruption
Automatically scans the Windows registry and correct invalid entries and errors.

File Wiper Privacy
Scans your computer and delete the temporary Internet files and privacy.

Fix invalid file associations
Make sure that your files are correctly linked programs are open.

Tune customized Windows settings
Guides you through the best system, Internet and security settings for your computer.

Boost Windows startup and shutdown times
Allows you to easily manage the programs that start when Windows starts for the first time to improve to ensure faster loading times and overall system stability.

Here’s how to roll with PC Cleaner:
It’s easy! Follow these steps and within minutes your computer will be back in top form:
Click the green “Start Download” button below
Select Open or Run to install PC Cleaner
Click the Start button to start the scan – this is it!
2.2 MB download. The complete registration recommended – 29.95. Requires Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Full registration highly recommended – 29.95 MB

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