SEO-spam Caution !

Like many companies, we have a lot of spam. Between phishers try to your account information to a fake web site that brought the Prince crazy Nigeria, even tried to get the $ 8 million in foreign countries, which, if only to provide information about your bank account. But one of the spam tactics that were a bit ‘more annoying lately is “SEO consultants” e-mails that offer their services.

These are not real SEO consultant, of course. It ‘s just spam. But sending messages claiming that your site does not work well on Google, and promised the first page of results when they are for your information only.

Many companies are likely to fall for these spammers. After all, everyone wants a high ranking in search results on Google, right? Here is a sample e-mail today:

SEO-spam Caution

“I think you should know that your site is not funded adequately to Google. If you are not satisfied with the present results, but apparently not done enough (almost nothing, to be honest) to ensure reaching the beginning of first page of results. I am the promotion of sites in highly competitive markets and promoted of dozens websites with great results. (The first results of the very competitive keywords). Also, I am the owner of an Internet training center for global marketing, you are invited to view and print form his staff, available in I can assure you that you can trust your website in the best position of your current Google-promotion and I want to show how it can significantly improve their positioning . David Moore ”

It ‘s scary, is not it? But do not worry, David Moore, has the solution!

Too bad that all bullcrap. First, most of the owners of keywords that are important to our business on Google. The first page is all. Secondly, perhaps more importantly, he David Moore, in itself, a ranking of Google search is absolutely terrible. Abysmal!

If you have a policy against the work of idiots and spammers, I would say that we should help the market, Mr. Moore in his absence.

And read this, hoping to learn how to get to do a better search result of Google, there’s no real trick here. Just create and distribute content to your target, well-structured blog and website. The search engine will love.

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