Top 20 Android Antivirus List

The need for the files, data and applications to protect the Android platform, the use of anti-virus software enabled. These programs help ensure the equipment and property from malware, viruses and other malicious programs that can damage your files.

However, it is important to know that Android antivirus programs come in different brands and the best, it is necessary to check the details and the Android mobile phone or a tablet for the best protection you want.

Anti-virus applications for Android devices is necessary, because Android is an open source operating system. This means that many developers easy access to the code to run applications on the platform to have. Because everyone is a programmer and you have the kind of applications you have downloaded to the device, the need for an anti-virus program to consider is very important.

You also need the protection of an anti-virus program for the Android platform files and data from hackers. By downloading and installing some software on the device, you can get some of your personal data, to create opportunities for hackers to copy your data. To prevent this, a good anti-virus software you need android.

Here is a list of top 20 Android antivirus list should your box today:

1. Dr.Web anti-virus de la Luz
2. Kaspersky Mobile Security
3. IRARUS phone. Safety Lite
4. Avast! Mobile Security for free
5. McAfee Mobile Security
6. F-Secure Mobile Security
7. AVG Anti-Virus Free Mobilation
8. ESET Mobile Security
9. Total Defense Mobile Security
10. BitDefender Mobile Security
11. Vipre Mobile Security (Beta)
12. BullGuard Mobile Security
13. Norton Mobile Security Lite
14. Quick Heal Mobile Security
15. Comodo Mobile Security
16. Tren Micro Mobile Security
17. Webroot safe anywhere
18. MYMobile Protection
19. NQ Mobile Security
20. Free Antivirus AegisLab

These are some of the best mobile Anti-virus software that can be installed on your Android phone or tablet PC. Selecting the best of these applications it is necessary in order to compare their data. Visit some of the best critical sites such as CNET, PC World, PC World, etc, access to objective and impartial assessment. The protection of data and programs on your Android is very important. Make sure that all necessary information prior to the selection or use of an anti-virus program for Android.

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