Upgrade Windows vista to Windows 7

First ensure that the version of Windows 7 that you will be upgrading to shares the same architecture as the version of Windows Vista that you are upgrading. For example, if you have an x86 version of Windows Vista, make sure that you have the installation media for the x86 version of Windows 7. Perform the following steps:

1. Log on to the computer running Windows Vista with a user account that is a member of the local Administrators group.

2. Access the Windows 7 installation source and double-click Setup.exe. When prompted by User Account Control, click Allow. This loads the Install Windows page. Click Install Now.

3. On the Get Important Updates For Installation page, click Do Not Get The Latest Updates For Installation.

4. On the licensing page, review the Windows 7 operating system license and then select the I Accept The License Terms check box. Click Next.

5. On the Which Type Of Installation Do You Want? page, click Upgrade. The installation routine performs a compatibility check and then begins upgrading Windows. Depending on the speed of the computer you are upgrading, this step may take time. The computer reboots several times during this process.

6. On the Type Your Product Key For Activation page, enter the Windows 7 product key as shown in Figure 1-16, clear the Automatically Activate Windows When I’m Online check box, and click Next.

7. On the Help Protect Your Computer And Improve Windows Automatically page, click Use Recommended Settings.

8. On the Review Your Time And Date Settings page, ensure that the time zone setting matches your locale and that the clock setting is accurate and then click Next.

9. On the Select Your Computer’s Current Location page, click Home Network.

10. Log on to the upgraded computer running Windows 7 using the credentials that you used to log on to the computer running Windows Vista at the start of this exercise.

11. Turn off the upgraded computer running Windows 7.

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