The Victory Day and Boishakhi Mela in Bangladesh

The country’s birth in 1971, I would say his argument, he’ll try to catch up with some of the history of The Victory Day and Boishakhi Mela in Bangladesh. Since the birth of Bangladesh in developing countries. Many leave – after exchanging Bangladesh in 1971 we received. Since then Bangladesh began Trekking. Even so some of the disasters that we have stopped the Bengali nation. Appropriate technology is always buried in the hope of trying to hard targets. I am a Bangladeshi citizen. Today is the day I’ll let the two of you.

The Victory Day in Bangladesh:

The Victory Day means the 16th December of any year after the Liberation War, held 1971 in Bangladesh. This day is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, the nation achieved victory from the brutal and barbarous Pak army. But this victory is not only the result of the nine month’s bloody battle but also the result of language movement, non-cooperative movement of 1969. The nation observes this day with great solemnity. This day is inaugurated with gun-shot, wearing a festive look; the nation pays glowing tribute to the martyrs.

The Victory Day in Bangladesh

Besides hoisting flags on each house, meeting, seminars, symposiums and discussions are held in various places. People of all walks of life offer flowers to the martyred valiant sons of the nation.

The Boishakhi Mela in Bangladesh:

Boishakhi Mela is one of the most important occasions, of Bangla New Year’s day. Among the popular fairs of Bengali culture and heritage, Boishakhi Mela is significant for its own features and appeals. This mela is held both in villages and towns. It is a festival of joy and pleasure. People of all walks of life do not leave any stone unturned to enjoy themselves on this day. On this day villagers invite some of their relatives and feed them sweets and delicious diets. Again, they present valuable gifts to their dear and near ones. Villagers visit the mela to buy hand-made things handicrafts, potteries, sweets and so on.

The Boishakhi Mela in Bangladesh

In the mela circus parties, jatra and merry go round are arranged. Children, who are fond of toys, flutes and dolls frequent to mela and procure them. People of all ages enjoy the mela by wearing payjama-punjabi and attending the Ramna Batamul very early in the morning. They also consume there Bengali traditional panta and hilsha fry. Through such an attractive festival (mela), people try to forget their sufferings and sorrows of life.

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